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Should Shirts Be Tucked In or Out? July 12 2017, 0 Comments

The shirt tucked in or out question is one that no one has answered for you before and is a decision that you have to make on your own. This is very important to master otherwise you could run the risk of looking like a top nerd or a slob. There are four very easy things to consider to make sure you get it right every time you leave the house…


Firstly, you need to look at the hem. If the shirt has a flat hem, even length all the way around, it lends itself to begin left untucked. But if it has “tails” – ie it is longer in the front then the back – then it is designed to be tucked in.


Secondly, the style of the shirt; if you are being brave and opting for a Hawaiian or camp-collar shirt then it would normally be worn untucked. The same goes for polo shirts and t-shirts, they always look best untucked. Dress shirts should usually be tucked, definitely if you are wearing a suit and/ or tie.


Thirdly, the material; the thicker or coarser the material is, such as denim or and flannel often look better untucked.


Finally, the formality of the occasion: If you’re going out for dinner, perhaps to a business or meeting – it is always much safer to tuck.


Whenever tucking in your shirt, make sure you do it in a way that leaves you with a smooth, flat front, the placket of the shirt, lined up with the fly of your trousers. When your shirt is nicely fitted, you shouldn’t have too much billowing fabric to deal with. If you do, then gather any excess material into a neat pleat at each hip.



Shirt - Jefford WAS £60 NOW £36


Shirt - Hosby £75

10 Historical Places To Visit Around the World July 06 2017, 0 Comments

Are you a history lover? Maybe you only like to travel to destinations that is a least 1,000 years old. If you need some last minute holiday ideas then these historical destinations will be perfect for you…


The Pyramids at Giza in Egypt


People are still unsure how the Egyptians built these pyramids more than 3,000 years ago, which contain hidden chambers, some which still haven’t been opened. Everyone can agree that they are a human marvel.

Machu Picchu in Peru


The Incas built this city on top of a mountain around the year 1450, but abandoned it a century later when the Spanish invaded the region. It was re-discovered in 1911 and today many tourists make the four-day hike (or shorter train ride) to see it for themselves. We know which route we would take!  

Lisbon, Portugal


Lisbon has been to holiday destination of the year. The city was founded back in 1200 BC and just to show how ancient it is, until the 16th century, people thought it was the edge of the world.

Tikal in Guatemala


This ruin is all that remains of n ancient city believed to be called Yax Mutal and was built back in 200 to 900 AD. The Tikal Temple is on eof the city’s most iconic ruins and stands at 154 feet tall.

Stonehenge in England


If you fancied somewhere a little closer to home then Stonehenge is perfect. Scholars are still not sure how builders got these stones from Whales and why they’re still standing, despite being built 3,000 years ago. People still flock to this field o take in the mystery for themselves.

The Colosseum in Italy


Found in the heart of Rome, the construction of this amphitheater (which was made out of concrete and sand) started in 71 AD. It was used for gladiatorial contests and public spectacles and today is a tourist favorite.

Taj Mahal in India


This white marble tomb was built in the 1600s for Emperor Shah Jahan’s deceased wife and is considered one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. Between two and four million tourists visit the incredible site each year.

Skara Brae, Scotland


More than 5,000 years ago people lived in this Neolithic town, but it wasn’t rediscovered until strong storms led people here in 1850. What travelers found were homes made of intricate stone roofs and with some furniture inside.

Chichén Itzá in Mexico


The ancient city thrived from around 600 AD to the 1200s. Today, the most famous aspect of this complex of Mayan ruins is a step pyramid known as El Castillo, which is considered one of the most important Mayan historical structures.

Cádiz Spain,


Founded in 1104 BC, Cádiz is the oldest continuously inhabited city in Spain. They city is filled with giant trees that Christopher Columbus supposedly brought to the country from the New World.

How To Pack Shirts So That They Don't Crease July 04 2017, 0 Comments

Some of you may be lucky enough to be jetting off this summer to some exotic locations so this post will be very useful. For the rest of us this will just be helpful in general. Once you have finished ironing all of your shirts beautifully, you are then faced with the dilemma of having to pack the shirts in your suitcase for them to just become creased again. No matter how neatly you try and fold them, you still end up with your shirt looking like it never saw an iron in the first place. If you head to YouTube, you will see many tutorials on the perfect way to fold a shirt but to save time we have found this one to be the best…

Basically, a shirt should be folded into thirds lengthwise, and then into thirds again in the opposite direction, so that it becomes a rectangle. First of all, button up the freshly pressed shirt and place it on its front on a table, smooth it down and fold sleeves in across the back, doubling back on themselves. Smooth down and then fold each side lengthways in towards the middle, in line with the placket and buttons Then fold the shirt in thirds from the bottom and smooth out to create a nice neat, flat rectangle. Finally place the shirt in a cellophane bag as this will drastically reduce the amount of creases whilst travelling.


Try not over pack suitcase otherwise that will result in more creasing. When you arrive at your destination, make sure you put your shirt on a hanger immediately. A good trick to reduce wrinkles is to steam your shirt in the bathroom whilst you take a hot shower. Otherwise a quick 30-second once-over with an iron would be much more effective.

Our Top SALE Picks June 29 2017, 0 Comments

If you haven't seen already, we have got our biggest sale ever with some great discounts on premium quality menswear. Need some last minute holiday pieces or a new outfit for the weekend then we've got you covered. We would hate for you to miss out on some of the great styles we have to offer...


Celebrate summer with this microprint shirt. Red will definitely get you noticed while contrast sleeves and collar detail add another dimension to your outfit. Wear with dark jeans or denim shorts for any summer doos.  

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You can't go far wrong with blue but it can get boring. Mix it up with this funky kaleidoscopic print to stand out. The Caslaw shirt will look great with the navy Jonas blazer which also happens to be on sale!

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For a more low-key shirt that is still individual, Moffet ticks all the boxes. The subtle details make it a sure fire winner for everyday wear. Pair with dark jeans for a smart casual look for the office or black tailored trousers for smarter events. 

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No gentlemen's wardrobe is complete without a classic waistcoat. With this navy number you can wear is over any shirt to tone down the crazy patterns. or simply add detail to your outfit. This is perfect if you have a summer wedding and don't fancy wearing a blazer...throw on a waistcoat instead. 

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The Best Scents For Summer June 27 2017, 0 Comments

Just as certain clothes can be too heavy in the summer heat, so can fragrances. A typical English summer tends to be very muggy which makes scents smell stronger. Why not try these top fragrances to draw people in rather then losing your friends and alienating people for the next few months….


For The Office


No matter how hot it is, many of us still have to wear suits throughout the summer. However the right scent can help you feel, and smell, clean no matter what the workday throws at you.


Tom ford’s Neroil Portofino – a blend of neroil, orange, lemon and bergamot, inspired by the Italian Riviera – is just the job. This fragrance combines citrus notes with the greenness of lavender and warmth of amber for a pleasing scent that sits lightly on the skin.

For The Evening


The cooler night air is the perfect partner for headier scents such as oriental florals and leather-based fragrances. If it’s your taste, you can get away with a deeper, darker and smokier at this time of day. This lasts longer then citrus scents too.


A little of Sisley’s Soir d’Orient on your pulse points guarantees a seductive effect on a summer night. Opening with floral notes of bergamot Turkish rose and Iranian Galbanum, this rich mellifluous scent gently reveals a spicy base of patchouli, sandalwood and saffron.

For The Escapist


Certain scents can have transportive powers that instantly make you feel like you are somewhere else. Fragrances with notes of plants grown in hot and tropical climates are instantly connective of summer.


Laboratory perfumes No. 002 Gorse, an irrepressibly summery mix of citrus, coconut and cardamom, is your olfactory ticket to exotic destinations. Although blended to evoke the gorse-lined driveways of Provence, this sweet scent can take you on a whistle-stop tour of more tropical climes too. This is handy if you’re running low on annual leave.

For Refreshment


Tea-based fragrances can be a great fit for summer. Tea is natural and balancing and conjures up the refreshment you might get from a cup of the drink itself.


Intrigued? Tap this tonic’s restorative properties with Le Labo’s Thé Noir 29. This is a paraben-free perfume oil featuring fig, cedarwood, vetiver and, of course the revitalising black tea.

For Your Holiday


If you’re holidaying abroad then this is a great time to try pushing the boundaries with your scent. You’ll be in a place where you’re not entirely familiar with the smells in the air, so try getting out of your comfort zone with something like a fougère, with lavender, maybe herbs and a woody base such as cedarwood or sandalwood.


This leathery fougère, from Paris nose Mr. Francis Kurdjian, is the perfect travel companion. Remember, less is always more so make sure to use no more then a couple of sprays.

Thanks to this guide you will be receiving complements all summer.

What To Wear To The Races June 22 2017, 0 Comments

It's that time of year again - time to dust off your top hat and head down to the races. Now that Royal Ascot is in full swing, any racing enthusiast will know that the real competition is a sartorial one. The other gentlemen parading around the enclosures will be groomed to perfection, much like the noble racing steeds. If you want to stand a chance of competing in the fashion game then you need to follow these simple style rules…


The Jacket


Ensure the blazer is a classic cut; you need to look like you mean business whether you're entertaining clients or hedging your bets on a dark horse. This is where JLB comes in - the Jonas blazer is in a timeless navy that will see you through the racing season. The inner paisley lining shows a flash of personality but blazer as a whole commands attention.

Blazer - Jonas Navy £75.00

The Shirt


At the races it's easy to keep it classic with a simple white shirt that goes with everything. The Blijah is a wardrobe essential that will not disappoint, but if you're feeling brave and want to have a little more fun with your outfit, Hepburn is ideal. Not too loud so so as to distract the horses, but not so subtle that you don’t get noticed.

Shirt - Hepburn White £75.00

The Waistcoat


If you want to go against the typical Ascot look of black blazer and camel waistcoat, go for Mario to match the Jonas blazer. A waistcoat really shows you mean business and gives that polished, dapper look.

Waistcoat - Mario Navy £32.50

The Accessories


No Ascot outfit is complete without a top hat. It's your choice, if you want to blend in with the royals then don’t go without one, but if not then maybe just stick to a stylish pair of sunglasses.


If you liked this post then click here to read 8 Things You Are Bound To See At Royal Ascot. 


What Every Man Should Be Drinking This Summer June 20 2017, 0 Comments


Summer is the season for drinking: the moment the sun's out all we want is sit in the local beer garden sipping some kind of beverage. Maybe you're wanting to try something new this summer and stray away from the usual Peroni or Pino Grigio. You might not realize it but just like anything else the world of drinks has trends, and we are very much buying into them.


So what can we expect to be drinking this summer? Messrs Barrie Wilson and Fabrice Limon own the drinks consultancy business, Scotch + Limon. According to them, our tastes are increasingly discerning. “People see what they drink as a lifestyle choice” says Mr Wilson. “gone are the days of the Sex and The City cocktail – people like far more robust drinks now. We want our drinks to taste better then they look, so no more cocktails served out of a welly boot”.




Following the gin boom over the past few years. Scotch + Limon see the former grandmother’s favorite taking the limelight this summer. “Bartenders love playing around with it, and whether it’s used as a matchmaker in cocktails or served straight from the fridge, you can make some really impressive drinks.” People are loving sherry because of the flavour choices, it can taste dry and nutty or sweet and fruity.


Order a single-malt whiskey with manzanilla sherry, which is a little salty, topped up with Fever-Tree tonic. Alternatively a chilled sherry pairs well with nice olives or nuts.



Another trend that is led by integrity is the growth of British vodkas. “There is a new resurgence in vodka and it’s led by how well it’s being made” says Mr Limon. “Rather than how many times it’s been filtered or distilled to produce a flavourless, odourless spirit, now it’s about raw ingredients and these vodkas are unfiltered to keep as much flavour in it as possible. Simple drinks over ice or with soda are also low in sugar, which is the enemy right now. The less sugar you have, the better you’re likely to feel in the morning.


Order a vodka martini, but is has to be served ice-cold or a well-made vodka served over a block of ice, this is a great aperitif.



This year’s most suprising drinks trend is the growth of non-alcoholic drinks, which according to Mr Wilson and Mr Limon is long overdue. “The fastest growing demographic is 18-24 year-olds who aren’t drinking, so this trend really taps into current habits. What’s been available previously has been really bad for you. Mocktails often have no focus and you usually end up with a sugary glass of juice and if you’re not drinking for whatever reason, you feel a bit of an idiot”. Seedlip is a distilled non-alcoholic spirit which is made in a pot with plenty of botanicals – a category defining pioneer. This is a sophisticated, complex-flavored option for grown-ups and is one of the best new British brands we’ve seen for a long time.


Oder the Seedlip in a martini with olive brine, or a simple serve with tonic.



This is easy to make a requires minimal preparation…


50ml Virtous Vodka Rasberry

Bitter Lemon

Wedge of fresh lemon



Serve in the vodka a high ball over plenty of ice. Top up with bitter lemon and garnish with the lemon wedge



What to wear for evening drinks out…

Shirt - Jefford £48.00 £60.00

Shirt - Evison £60.00


Shirt - Caslaw £64.00 £80.00

Style Mistakes Men Make Every Summer June 15 2017, 0 Comments

It’s never easy to dress for the hot weather if you are a male and men often get it terribly wrong. At JL Berlue we’ve got your back covered and have compiled a list of the worst fashion mistakes so that you remain looking cool and stylish all summer long.

1) Shorts to Work


In theory, why not? Shorts are practical and keep you cool. In reality your pasty white legs just aren’t ready to be seen yet and those shorts are too casual for work.


2) The crumpled all-linen suit


You think you look like a secret agent when actually you are perfecting the supply teacher look.


3) Tight white jeans


This can only be attempted on Mediterranean islands by people with glowing tans.


4) The tossed sweatshirt


Again this is only acceptable on Mediterranean islands by people with glowing tans.


5) Three-quarter length trousers


There is a very fine-line between being well-ventilated and trying a bit too hard.\


6) Football shirts in the pub


These are just a no.


7) Too short shorts


You need to ask yourself…do you really want to be seen in hot pants?


9) Sports Sunglasses


You know, the kind of glasses with the curved fisheye frames and gold mirror lenses. These make you look like a teenager on a school cricket tour.


10) Vest tops


Leave them to the muscle men lads on their weekend to Magaluf.


11) Facial sunburn


This is just being lazy and doesn’t look good. And women notice these things.


12) Hair back


Women definitely notice these things


13) The roman centurion sandal


These look great on girls. And that’s why you shouldn’t wear them.


14) Beaded choke chain


It’s time to let that Thailand holiday go.


15) Ordering a jug of Pimm’s


This is in the pub garden during the first warm weekend of the year. At least let summer get info full swing.

What you should wear for Summer....

Jefford - White £60.00

Dickens - White £55.00

Hyatt - Navy £60.00

The Best Foods To Eat Before and After Your Gym Session June 13 2017, 0 Comments

We hear all the time about new exercise routines and fitness trends, but do we know what diet is supposed to accompany it? We know what not to eat, but what exactly is it we are supposed to eat? We have done some digging and found the perfect PRE and POST gym session foods to get the most out of your workout.


Pre Workout


1) Greek Yoghurt


With twice as much protein as regular yoghurt, Greek yoghurt is a nutritional wonder full of zinc, potassium vitamin B12 and vitamin B6. Chuck some blueberries on top and your daily pre-gym breakfast is sorted. 

2) Whole grain toast with almond butter


While very similar to peanut butter, almond butter wins slightly in the pre-workout stakes thanks to its smaller dosage of saturated fat, as well as an increase in vitamins, calcium and iron. Spread it on whole grain toast for a quick and light breakfast or pre gym snack.


3) Brazil nuts


While any un-salted nuts are great snack prior to exercise, the brazil nut is the best due to its massive selenium content. As well as being a natural protein it's also a mood lifter.

4) Omelette with spinach and chilli


One of the few super vegetables that doesn’t taste vile, spinach hits all the vitamin high notes (A, B, C E you name it), as well as being a source of zinc, fibre, and even protein. Throw some vitamin rich eggs into the mix, along with the vitamin C benefits of red chillis and you have yourself a pretty unbeatable meal.

5) Apple slices with natural peanut butter


A simple and relatively healthy snack for those with a sweet tooth. Apples are rich in antioxidants and fibre, while peanut butter covers your protein and fat corners. A far better alternative to processed protein bars.


Post Workout


1) Quinoa


Quinoa has earned its trendy gym life status thanks to being an amazing food in the nutrient stakes. Coming in with nearly twice as much fibre as other grains, it's also gluten free, full of protein and all nine essential amino acids. Swap it out for rice and you're good to go.

2) Kiwi


You might not have known it but kiwis are full of vitamin C and K, which prevent blood clotting and strengthens your bones.


3) Avocado


With nearly 20 vitamins and a whole load of monounsaturated fats, avocados are another super food that’s been ambushed by the boom in social media, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying its many benefits.

It may be high on the nutritional list but watch out for the deceptively high calorie content of the avocado.


4) Chicken Breast


Chicken is the best in terms of lean protein, vitamins and none of that pesky mercury that comes with fish. Try to eat your main source of protein within 45 minutes of finishing your workout.


5) Dark chocolate


While there’s no such thing as a perfect world where an entire bar of Dairy Milk is an ok post-gym snack, a few slabs of dark chocolate is a perfectly acceptable source of after exercise sugar, as well as being full of antioxidants, magnesium and iron. Once again it is high in calories so make sure it’s only a few squares at a time.

There you have it, your perfect PRE and POST gym meal plan, watch the results start to happen.

Sick of Hearing About The Election? Here is a Different Way of Showing Your Support. June 08 2017, 0 Comments

The past few weeks have been a political frenzy, with constant debates and campaigns, now the time has finally come to decide. Whilst waiting anxiously for the result, why not show the support for your chosen party through fashion…

Labour Party

Coltran shirt - Burgundy £60.00 £75.00

Jefford Shirt - £60.00

Conservative Party

Troxel Shirt - £60.00


Decker Shirt - £65.00

The, I can’t decide, so I’m just not going to vote party

Garrod Shirt - £65.00

How To Choose Your New Fragrance June 06 2017, 0 Comments

No one likes a man that smells bad…it’s really off putting. Hopefully you don’t have this problem, but there's no harm in wearing a little scent anyway. When choosing a new fragrance you want something that leaves a lasting impression and attracts compliments, but how do you find it?

Why should men wear a fragrance?


Besides the obvious of…to smell nice… using a fragrance is great when you're meeting new people as it can help leave a lasting impression, and an emotional connection with that person. If you think back to what maybe your Dad, Grandad, Mum or Ex-Girlfriend wore, then that smell is something you will never forget.


1. Decide on the purpose of the fragrance?


What type of fragrance are you looking for? One for every day and night? Maybe a special occasion or a winter or summer fragrance? There are a variety of fragrances for different occasions, so you need to be clear on your purpose.


2. Do your research


Would you buy a suit without trying it on? Probably not. So don’t neglect the process of trying different fragrances before you buy one. Read blogs or ask your friends about fragrances to get an idea of what you are after. Once you know, go into a store and see how it smells, or order a selection of tester bottles. Wear the test samples and see how long the smell lasts and what kind of compliments you receive.


There is nothing wrong with ordering a fragrance online but make sure you test it first!


3. Don’t follow the herd


Don’t follow the herd and wear Ralph Lauren just because everyone else is. The big fragrance brands are more expensive but they don't necessarily smell better or make you more important then anyone else.


Instead, wear a fragrance you really like and that really suits you. You can often pick these up at independent stores or craft markets. You'll often receive more compliments for fragrances people have never heard of, as they'll see you as unique, and a trendsetter.

4. Choose the fragrance yourself


Do you have endless bottles of aftershave and cologne in your wardrobe that you don't wear? It's probably because they were gifts and weren’t chosen by you. Either buy them yourself or drop the name of the scent you like into conversation - then you know you'll get the one you love.


5. Once you have bought the fragrance


Don’t over do it - this is the worst mistake you can make. It looks like you're trying too hard and there's nothing worse than overpowering scents. People should see you before they smell you! You want to create a subtle statement through the fragrance that you wear.

Do you have a favourite fragrance? Let us know in the comment box below!

The Do's and Don't's For Wearing Shorts This Summer June 01 2017, 0 Comments

If you were to sit and observe your average high street, beach or café, you will quickly realize that men really do struggle to dress for summer. Especially when it comes to wearing shorts. Summer is the complete opposite of the forgiving winter months, when we can cover up with overcoats, friendly knits and dark monochrome. Summer throws a mean-spirited spotlight on our physical and fashionable inadequacies, but it doesn’t have to be this way!


While we can’t help with pasty white legs, we can tell you how and how not to style your shorts this summer.


Do – Pay attention to the fit

This might sounds obvious but you’d be amazed how many men make the wrong decision when it comes to choosing the right length for their shorts. A general rule of thumb is to never let your shorts fall below you kneecap, while conversely refraining from buying any that finish more than two-or-so inches about the cap. It’s a matter of small degrees making a big difference.


Don’t – Buy cargo

While the slouchy casual look may be back in fashion, this does not apply to cargo shorts. They are very unflattering and sloppy, even though Leonardo Dicaprio may wear them (a lot) it does not mean they are ok. Unless you're eight and need extra pockets for your sweets and toys, avoid this look.


Do – Keep it simple

As well as finding the right fit, make sure you find the right style and colour too.


Simple chino shorts with two pockets are a steady favorite. Shorts are one of those rare items in your wardrobe that you don’t really need to experiment with. When it’s hot you don’t really want to wear trousers so don’t overthink them.


Good colours for shorts are navy, charcoal, black, tan and olive - just make sure you never wear white shorts.


Don’t – Clash our patterns

It is acceptable to wear patterned shorts but make sure it's subtle pattern and be sure to keep your top half as unfussy as possible.


If you want you wear your Hawaiian shirt then a simple navy pair of chino shorts will complement it perfectly.


Do – Pay attention to your socks

Another factor that is easily overlooked. Wear invisible socks that make it look like you aren’t wearing any at all, or a pair that only just show out of the top of your shoes.


Don’t- Overdress them


Just because you're wearing shorts, doesn’t mean you can’t dress smart. But you should understand your limitations and realise that a double-breasted blazer, tie and boat shoes may be a little over the top.

 Tops To Wear With Shorts...

Dickens - Navy £55.00

Sartor - White £60.00

Evison - blue £60.00


Brexit Is Making Our Wine More Expensive May 30 2017, 0 Comments

First Brexit came after our chocolate and now it's really pushing us by putting up the prices of wine!


According to new reports, our plans to leave the EU are going to have a disastrous effect on wine consumption – mainly that we will have to drink less of it if we don’t want to spend all of our money.


The UK Trade Policy has done the maths and the future is not bright. The analysis shows that the price of a bottle of wine could be as much as 22% higher than it is right now. As a result, they predict that the volume of consumption will also take a down wards turn, by 28%, as cash-strapped wine-lovers look for cheaper alternatives.


The UK wine production industry is also likely to take a hit, as the study predicts the value of UK imports will be 27% lower in eight years time, meaning a tough road ahead for people working in the industry.

Looks like we might need to prepare for the worst and stock up on wine now!

Why Roger Moore Is A Style Icon May 26 2017, 0 Comments


Roger Moore, the James Bond Legend sadly passed away this week at the age of 89. Moore was the perfect gentleman who self-deprecatingly put himself as the fourth best Bond behind Daniel Craig, Sir Sean Connery and George Lazenby however judging by the affection on social media in the wake of his passing- he was clearly a firm favourite of the people. Sir Roger had his trademark arched eyebrow, smirk across his face and his tongue firmly in his cheek that would have sent any woman into a frenzy. He took the role of Band later in life and played 007 from the ages of 45 to 57 meaning his wasn’t the most convincing action man, he was more of a lover then a fighter – hence why he had his fair share of beautiful bond girls. Something you may not have known about Roger Moore is that he raised ¢90m for Unicef as a goodwill ambassador, for which he was knighted.


Impeccable fashion and style is definitely just one of the things Moore will be remembered for so we have decided to go back over some of his iconic look to share his style secrets.


Find Your Best Angle


Young Sir Roger did a bit of modeling back in the day. Here he is as a TV actor in LA in his mid-thirties, rocking a short-sleeved shirt. We can all agree the man knew how to work a camera. Moore once stated - “I spent my life playing heroes because I looked like one”. “Practically everything I’ve been offered didn’t require much beyond looking like me. I would have loved to play a real baddie”. It’s a tough life isn’t it Roger!

Button Up!


No matter what situation Bond got himself into, he was always dressed to impress, even if he was under torture.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Pattern


What else would you wear for a top-secret mission? A wide-lapelled black-white-and-red plaid blazer of course! When this is the centrepiece of your outfit, keep everything else muted so as not to compete.

Get Your Proportions Right


This light grey suit was one of Moore’s favourites and was often seen to wear it off set too. Roger had broad chest and a long neck so notice the generous proportions of lapel, collar and tie all work together in harmony for a flattering cut. As he knew well, there should be just a hint of shirt showing at the cuffs.

Wear a Bow Tie


A tuxedo is synonymous with James Bond and it has been worn in countless different ways in countless styles. But one thing remains constant: the bow is always self-tie, never pre-tied or a necktie. While styles have changed over the years for Bone, evening wear has stayed fairly consistent. Roger Moore’s 007 always looked charming in a bow tie. Nobody does it better.

Life Lessons From George Clooney May 24 2017, 0 Comments

George Clooney is one of the most stylish and charismatic men in Hollywood. An effortlessly cool guy who turned 56 this month and is about to become to father of twins. Clooney is not only an Oscar-winning actor and filmmaker, but also a knowledgeable activist and philanthropist. It's fair to say he is a man of many talents. He's the kind of guy who clearly knows how to go after what he wants but isn't afraid to own up to his mistakes either. Here are some of Clooney's wise words to guide you through life to live just as he does...

Dress Like Clooney... 

You have learnt his life lessons, now for his style lessons!
Opt for a navy patterned shirt like George to brighten up your summer wardrobe. Stay clear of full Hawaiian shirts but don't be afraid of a few florals. 
Keep it classic like Clooney with a simple navy polo shirt to keep you cool this summer. Wear with lighter trousers to create a nice contrast. 

Gordon Ramsay Reveals The One Thing You Should Never Order At a Restaurant May 18 2017, 0 Comments

In a recent interview with Esquire, Gordon Ramsay revealed what really goes on behind the scenes in your favourite places to dine. Thankfully he did not disappoint with his answers!

The proper protocol for if you get a bad meal… 

The customer is king. If you are going out for a special night and you have an unsatisfactory experience, take the opportunity to let the staff know so that they can correct it in the future. It is equally important to compliment great food and service, so don’t be shy either way.


Should you ask the sever for recommendations… 

It depends on the restaurant, but servers tend to taste most of the dishes on the menu and can give you insight to what the chefs have added. This is particularly useful when traveling, as they can tell you what the locals usually order.


What you should never order at a restaurant…

Never ask what yesterdays soup of the day was before today’s special. It may be the case that it is the soup of the month.


Valentine’s prix fixe menus are a trap…

Valentine’s day is the worst day to go out. Busy kitchens with tons of diners means you don’t get the true feeling of the restaurant. You should be cooking on Valentine's! What’s more romantic than a meal cooked for your partner with a good bottle of wine?


The correct way to order steak… 

The problem with over cooking meats is it diminishes the flavour and incredible texture, so listen to the chef’s recommendation or always stick to cooking medium at most.


What to wear on your next dinner date…

Dress to impress the next time you go out for a meal with a J.L.Berlue printed shirt. You can't go wrong with a classic white shirt, but can also show a little personality with some pattern.   

Hepburn - White  £75.00

Troxel - White £80.00

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What to Look for in a Shirt May 16 2017, 0 Comments

Shirts are the cornerstone of our wardrobes. Some are superior to others, but how can you tell? Modern manufacturing methods have put paid to many traditional shirt-making techniques, but there are a handful of labels that remain committed to doing things in a different way. At J.L.Berlue we are proud of our classic heritage shirts that are of the finest quality. Here's a list of the key features that make a good shirt so next time you're shopping you know what to look for.


Buttons Are a Signal Of Quality


The shirt must have at least seven buttons; this will ensure that it fastens properly and the material won’t stretch at the fastenings when you sit down. It’s more discreet for a gentleman. The buttons should also be of a high quality and not too plastic looking. You will notice J.L.Berlue has it’s own exclusive branded buttons showing these shirts pay attention to detail.

Baain - Sky £70.00

Examine The Collar


When you look at the collar of a well-made shirt, you’ll see the fabric bunches slightly because it’s made from two separate layers of cloth. Most mass-produced shirts have a fused collar, where the lining of the collar is glued to the outer fabric. They look unnaturally flat because everything has literally been stuck together with glue. When you iron a collar like this, you’ll start to see little grooves and bubbles come through the surface, which won’t go away. When a collar is laid by hand, the canvas lining is floating and it moulds to the shape of your neck over time, making it far more comfortable for long days at the office. When ironing, you need to be conscious to start at the tip of the collar and work upwards, so you don’t end up with a crease at the point.

Belst - Purple £80.00

Get Hands on With the Fabric

It’s all about the feel when it comes to fabric. Oxford cotton should feel chunky and have some texture to it – you want to be able to see the weave. With chambray, it’s much more about the colour. Inferior cloth will feel limp and lifeless to touch, good quality material should feel cool against the skin when you first put it on.

Hepburn - White £70.00

Inspect Patterns Closely


Another sign of quality is matching patterns. They should be symmetrical from one side of the shirt to the other and the same with the arms. It’s quite easy to spot, but you only get this with high-quality shirts. It takes a lot of skill, knowledge and time for a shirt maker to be able to do this. It’s also worth noting the crispness of prints. The colour should have sharp clarity and well defined edges, so the pattern will not fade or distort over time.

Troxel - White £80.00

Pay Attention To Stitching


Single-needle stitching is the hallmark of a well-made shirt. Lower-grade shirts are produced on a machine that stitches with two needles at once. The advantage of single needle stitching is that it looks discreet and is more precise, and the material won’t distort or warp when it is washed. A good rule of thumb for stitching is there should be about 20 stitches per inch, or eight per centimetre.

Blijah - White £60.00

Now you know the essentials, you will never buy a bad shirt again…

Top Summer City Breaks May 11 2017, 0 Comments

Are you looking to go away this summer but haven’t booked anything yet? We have selected some of the summer city breaks that you might not have thought of but are becoming very popular destinations. We have also selected individual shirts that are ideal for each location, so your effortlessly cool look is one less thing for you to worry about. All you have to choose is where to go…




Explore the sights of Lisbon buy hopping on Tram 28 from the foot of Bairro Alto or go on your own adventure and hire a tuk tuk. Browse the chic shops and cobbled streets of the Baixa/Chiado districts and the castles of Alfama/Graca nighbourhoods. The city offers more then 12 hours of sunshine a day and temperatures in the high 20s, so for a short break it's ideal!

This Sartor shirt is perfect for evening strolls by the sea...


Sartor - White £60.00

Valletta, Malta


Valletta is the tiny capital of the island in the middle of the Mediterranean. With its cobbled streets and fortified city, this is the ideal location for a summer break. Discover the ancient past before checking out the modern architecture. By night, stroll along the waterfront before settling down for an al-fresco meal with a glass of Maltese wine.


The flowery Decker shirt will give you the summer vibes for exploring sunny Malta. 

Decker - Navy Floral £65.00



Iceland’s capital is enjoying a boom in tourism right now, rated one of the top 10 most popular city destinations according to Travel Supermarket. You might think of Iceland is being freezing cold, but the weather over the summer months can be clear and sunny – perfect for exploring this part of the world. The fun lies in day trips to volcanic landscapes, the Blue Lagoon and the famous whale watching.

The Dickens shirt is casual and cool for whale watching and heading down to the lagoon....

Dickens - Navy £55.00



Bristol comes alive in the summer with a number of festivals and events. This is a great family alternative to a UK seaside holiday. From July 17th to 19th the city celebrates its maritime history with weekend of arts, dance, music, boats, food and music. You may also know about the iconic Balloon Fiesta where you can see 100s of balloons take to the sky. The spectacle will be happening this year from August 6 – 9th.

Fit in with all of the colourful hot air balloons with the colourful Garrod shirt...

Garrod - White £65.00




You can now board the Eurostar direct from London St Pancreas to Lyon so getting there is easier then ever. Have a wander through the narrow streets of the old town then be amazed by the new arts and science Musée de Confluences. Don't miss the open-air gigs in the Roman amphitheater or the Sunday food markets close to the Rhone.

Appear sophisticated in France with Mains polo...

Mains - Navy Floral £60.00



Stockholm is another city to enjoy pleasant temperatures in the low 20s this summer – warm enough for an open-air drink but not to hot to stop you exploring. Sweden’s capital city has a huge range of attractions for visitors with many museums and interesting buildings, such as the Royal Palace. If you're feeling adventurous then Grona Lund amusement park has white-knuckle rides, fun fair games and live shows overlooking the harbor.

Fit in with the quirky locals with Hyatt...

Hayatt - Navy £60.00



Croatia’s capital city is a compact, buzzing delight in the summer with a host of outdoor festivals to make the most of the sunshine. This summer Zagreb will see nine different events bringing the city’s past to life on the streets, squares and parks. Flower Square is popular with artists and young people, and Tkalciceva is home to many cool bars and cafes. When the city is at it’s hottest, everyone heads to Jarun Lake for a swim.

Explore Zagreb in style with the Jefford shirt..

Jefford - White £48.00


The possibilities are endless for this summer and no matter where you go, you are bound to have a great time!


How to wear Bright Colours May 09 2017, 0 Comments


Are you a man who enjoys adding a pop of colour to his outfit? Maybe you like to be bold and wear head to toe colour. Or maybe you couldn’t think of anything worse then adding yellow to your outfit? Well don’t worry, we are here to give you the perfect guide for however much colour you want to add to your outfit to make sure the look is pulled off correctly and you don’t end up looking like you're in fancy dress…


Wear one bold item at a time


This is important. If you are going to wear a bright shirt then definitely don’t clash with a bright suit or bright trousers. You want to let one piece of clothing do the talking. You also want to stand out for the right reasons - looking good, not laughable.

Colour Wheel


The colour wheel is your cheat sheet to find out what colour goes with what:

Associated colours are directly adjacent to each other. They let you create a monochrome ensemble, for example, dark blue suit, light blue or pale purple shirt.

Complementary colours are opposite one another on the colour wheel. These colours create a bright, noticeable contrast that is pleasing to the eye Complementary colours are generally for people looking to appear bold and outgoing.

Triad colours are three colours equidistant from one another on the colour wheel. This gives a balanced appearance with less contrast than a complementary arrangement. Men with lower-contrast complexions who still want an outfit in multiple colours should consider triads. Just be careful to not get carried away with too many colours.


Dull it down with a neutral suit


If you are planning to wear a particularly bold shirt then always wear it with a dull toned suit to balance out the colours. Good colour suits are beige, pale blue or light grey.

Use it to accessorise

If you don’t fancy wearing bold coloured clothes then it is much easier to brighten up your look with accessories. These could include socks, tie, pocket square, belt etc.

Complement your skin tone

Certain colours suit certain skin tones, meaning something that looks good on someone else might not look as good as you. Generally speaking the darker your skin tone, the brighter the colour of the shirt can be. If you have a very pale skin tone then stick to bright blues or purples and avoid yellows and oranges.

If you are feeling brave enough to wear bold colours then share your images with us via our Facebook or tag us in Instagram. We love to see how you wear J.L.Berlue!


Buy J.L.Berlue's bold shirts now...


Belst - Purple £80.00

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Decker - Navy Floral £65.00

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4 Skills You Need to Make a Great Impression May 04 2017, 0 Comments

Making a great first impression is crucial, not only I your professional life, but socially too. First impressions aren’t always that easy and if you fail to catch someone’s attention, it could mean game over for you. These top tips will ensure you make a lasting impression on someone and get the opportunities you deserve.

1) Put Your Hands Up


If you are giving a talk or just talking to someone for the first time, it’s always good to use your hands to talk. It is proven to make a person feel at ease and so more likely to befriend you. The simplest thing you can do to improve your first impression is to keep your hands visible. When you walk into a room or are waiting to meet someone, keep your hands out of your pockets and don’t let desks or laptops block them either. Also make sure you never skip a handshake; this physical contact is vital to creating a connection between you and the other person.


Giving the perfect handshake


Keep it dry – there is nothing worse then a slimy palm! If you are at a party then maybe wrap a napkin around your cup, or wash your hands to get rid of any sweatiness.


Keep it vertical – when offering your palm, if it is tilted up it is considered to be a weak gesture, whereas forcing someone into the palm up position is considered domineering.


Be firm – when shaking someone’s hand, squeeze until you feel their muscles tighten and then stop. Never give someone a limp handshake; it can be really off putting.


2) Stand Like a Winner


Within the first few seconds of meeting someone, we are looking for indications of confidence. We are looking to see if the other person is a winner or a loser. And that person is also doing the same with us.  So what should a winner look like? Keep your shoulders back and down, aim your chin, chest and forehead straight in front of you or slightly up, keep space between your arms and torso and again keep those hands out of your pockets.


3) Look Them Straight In The Eye


Why is eye contact so powerful? Like a handshake, we’re programmed to interpret the right amount of eye contact as a nonverbal signal of goodwill - when you like someone you tend to look at them more. Just make sure you don’t over do it. Body language experts say the ideal time to look someone in the eye is for 60 to 70 percent of the time you are interacting with them. Much less appears timid and nervous, any more can be off putting. If you get it right you can make a connection that lasts.


4) Trash the script


Whenever we're meeting someone for the first time we tend to stick to the same script – Where are you from? What do you do?. But what is the point of following near identical scripts every time we talk to someone? It won’t make you memorable. Try different questions like what personal projects are you working on? What brings you here? What’s your story? Introducing new questions can make you likable and significant to that person.


So to sum up…give firm handshakes, make eye contact, stand like a winner and try non-typical conversation starters to make the best first impression.Good luck!





How To Stay Focused at Work April 27 2017, 0 Comments

A study found that office distractions take up an average of 2.1 hours a day. Another study found that employees spend an average of 11 minutes of a project before being distracted. After an interruption it then takes them 25 minutes to return to their original task. Of course if you are reading this you have probably been distracted from whatever you are supposed to be doing so let’s get onto the main points…

Switch off the distractions when you need to think


It’s as simple as that, just switch off anything that is likely to distract you. Maybe you have your phone on your desk, Facebook open along side your work or maybe listening to music. If you are trying to focus then eliminating distractions makes it much easier to concentrate. If you lack will power to resist frittering away time watching funny videos on YouTube then there is an app called Self-control that will allow you to temporarily block distractions by blacklisting the websites or if you only need access to certain sites, you can whitelist the ones you require.


Get Comfortable


Throughout studies in recent years they have found a direct link between sitting for extended periods and a premature death. We are not designed to sit at our workstations are killing us as a result. The first thing to address is posture. Eventually your back muscles become fatigued and you slump. To avoid this, shift your hips back into your seat as far as you can, the backrest should cradle your back. The next thing that needs attention is your computer screen must be at least 20” away from your face, and the top of it should sit at eye level or just below to prevent headaches and neck strain. If it’s not in that position when you look straight ahead then adjust it. Your neck will thank you later for it.


Work in blocks and take a break


In the late 1950’s Dr Nathaniel Kleitman discovered that the brain can only focus for 90-120 minutes before needing a break. A test undertaken on a group of employees showed that the highest performing employees took 17-minute breaks every 52 minutes of work. More surprisingly they didn’t work longer hours than anyone else and often finished their working day earlier. This shows it definitely pays to works in chunks on thinking tasks and give your brain regular breaks. It’s also worth getting the most challenging tasks out of the way with at the beginning of the day, as this will make your brain more efficient.


Stay hydrated


Drinking lots of water is key to maintaining focus. Dehydration can adversely affect vigilance, concentration, reaction time, learning, memory, mood and reasoning and can cause headaches fatigue and anxiety. This also gives you reason to give yourself regular breaks to go and re-fill your bottle…two birds one stone!


Sharpen up for the office…

Stand out in your office with the new J.L.Berlue statement shirts...

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How to Deal with a Receding Hairline April 25 2017, 0 Comments


It happens to most men at some point in their life. You notice that the little clump of hair clogging up the drain in the shower is getting bigger and bigger. Reality begins to set in. You are starting to go bald. By the age of 35, about two-thirds of men will experience noticeable hair loss. And by age 65, 85% of men are significantly thinning. And frankly, we take it seriously. Somehow, we feel less attractive, less confident and less hairy in the places we want to be....

Just because you are losing your hair don't panic too much, just think of it as an opportunity to freshen up your image. Studies show that most men only change their hairstyle three times during their lifetime. Jude Law is the patron saint of the receding hairline having continuously maintained a hip hairstyle as his hairline successively recedes.

For most men the reason we lose hair is simply a matter of genetics. Unfortunately if you have any bald eagles in your family tree, odds are your hairline is heading north as well.

Beyond genetics, DHT is the most common culprit of hair loss. DHT is a by-product of testosterone and too much it of assaults the dermal papillae that regulates how much of this nasty stuff gets into the hair shaft and shuts down the follicle. You may be a man’s man and chances are you’re going to wind up bald. Diet and stress also play a major role in how much hair stays on your head. If your diet is lacking sufficient Omega-3 Fatty Acids, is Anemic or is Vitamin B deficient this can lead to hair loss.

Managing your stress level will do a lot more that simply keep hair on your head. It’s so easy for us to forget and not pay attention to our stress levels, so keeping stress levels under control will play a huge part in keeping those strands of hair on your head. Shampoo with an exfoliating scalp treatment and use better hair products that won’t coat your scalp and clog up your pores will also do wonders for you.

Looking for ways to cover up your receding hairline, try a few of the following;

Use a scalp stimulating treatment and volumizing shampoo
Consider using hair fibers, these won’t make a werewolf out of a bald man but they will blend naturally with hair concealing the scalp and thereby masking a receding hairline and thinning hair.
Wearable hair is the new term for toupees and they have really come a long way. Using latex foundations these hair pieces are virtually indistinguishable from human hair. They are also expensive costing several hundred dollars to replace at each haircut.
Lastly hair transplants continue to be a viable option for receding hairlines and thinning hair. Also expensive, hair transplantation technology has come a long way. They now use micro follicular units comprising up to three hairs at a time to create a full natural hairline.

We believe that the best thing to do is simply to embrace a receding hairline as part of the aging process. Resorting to snake oils and ripping up your scalp like a sod farmer on crack is expensive and in the end futile. If you don’t make a big deal out of how much hair is on your head no one else will either.

Now that you’ve decided to make the most of what you’ve got, here are some general rules:

First, keep it shorter. The more your hair recedes and thins, the shorter you’ll want to go.
Never do a comb-over. We don’t care how much money Donald Trump has, he looks ridiculous.

Never grow a ponytail and look like your hair just slid back on your head
And please, never ever sport a nasty accentuated widows peak like Steven Seagal.



How To Dress Up Your Jeans April 18 2017, 0 Comments

Sometimes a blazer can be too much for going out for drinks with your mates, but other times jeans can be too casual for the office, it can be hard to know what to do in these style situations. These stylish gents have styled their outfits perfectly. showing us just how easy smart casual can be.  

Jean Cozier

Follow him @theplainvillegent

Jean Cozier has got his outfit spot on in this image. The distressed loose fit jeans add an edge to his look and compliment the blazer well. If opting for light coloured jeans, always make sure your blazer is a darker colour to provide contrast and break up your outfit. Equally if your jeans are dark then wear a lighter coloured blazer to balance out the look. A subtly printed shirt, such as the J.L.Berlue Hepburn Shirt (as seen above) again dresses down the blazer whilst still appearing smart with the jeans.

A waistcoat and shirt can look just as effortlessly cool. You will be jumping for joy with this outfit combo! 

Shop the look... 

Hepburn - White £75.00

Mario - Navy £32.50 £65.00

Jonas - Navy £75.00 £150.00


Zack Tanck

Follow him @zacktanck

If you are feeling something a bit more exotic then a tropical shirt could really help make those jeans stand out. Zack Tanck here is pulling off the J.L.Berlue Fawcett shirt with a pair of faded distressed jeans. If patterned shirts are your thing then a light pair of jeans can really make the print stand out. 

Shop the look...

Fawcett - Multi £60.00


Now there will be no more standard jeans and t-shirt combos! 

5 Shirts Every Guy Should Own April 13 2017, 0 Comments

Shirts are a staple part of every man's wardrobe. In fact statistics show that you shouldn't trust a man who doesn't own a shirt! I mean come on, who doesn't own even one single shirt...

We have put together the essential list of five types of shirts for everysituation from comfy to formal. These are the classics that will forever withstand fickle trends!

1. Tailored and White

A white shirt never goes out of style, but it's surprising how many men get this wardrobe staple so wrong. Look for a nice cotton fabric shirt that won't lose shape and that's simple enough to wear with a suit or on its own. Fit and fabric are key here, so be sure to launder properly and replace as soon as there's any yellowing under the arms or fabric wear and tear.

Here we have the McCort White shirt which is great with a blazer or worn its own. 


2. Polka Dot Shirt 

As far as prints go, you can't get more classic or fail safe than a polka dot shirt. Leave the wacky checks for another time and team polka dots with unstructured weekend basics or more formal work-wear. 

Check out our Hamley Shirt here:

3. Pale Blue Shirt

Favoured by the well-dressed men of Europe and for good reason, a light blue shirt will be the hardest working item in your wardrobe. Roll up the sleeves and team with jeans for the weekend, or wear tucked-in to trousers with a neutral belt and navy blazer for dressier moments.

Check out our Baain shirt here to get the look

4. Something Seasonal

Classics are forever, but it's nice to indulge in a seasonal colour or fabric every now and again to keep things interesting. Floral prints are having a resurgence in all forms, and we love how florals are no longer just associated with Hawaiian holiday shirts!

Check out our Fawcett shirt here: 

5. Fail safe Black

It's time to stop thinking of the black shirt as a trend based item and embrace it as a wardrobe essential. A black shirt is a safe bet and can smarten up the most casual of looks. Black is the new white!

Check out our Blijah Black Shirt