10 Things That Will Happen When you start to Dress Smart June 29 2016, 0 Comments

I was taking a walk whilst out for lunch in central Manchester, when two ladies approached me and asked for directions. I did my best to point them in the right direction.

I then thought to myself, this is happening a lot more lately; I never used to be the guy that got asked for directions. So why now? Do I look more mature...? No, probably not. Do I look like a city tour guide? Ha, well hopefully not.

I had a think and realised that since I had started to take more care of my appearance, I had been approached more for things such as directions.

You see, when you dress well, you exude confidence. People, even strangers, pick up on this. In return, they give you respect, and trust goes hand in hand with respect. When you dress well, people automatically think you've got your act together. Imagine you’re in a foreign city and totally lost. Who would you rather get directions from? A guy who is smartly dressed or the one wearing a white vest and last night's dinner on his jogging bottoms? Regardless of who gives the best directions, the well dressed man clearly looks like he knows what’s going on. After all, if you can’t even get your clothes right, how can you be trusted the serious matter of navigation?

We've complied a list of the top 10 things that start to happen when you take care of your appearance and dress smarter.

1) Friends will start to seek fashion advice.

2) People inherently trust your advice.

3) You will get smiled at more - by both men and women.

4) You receive more compliments on your attire.

5) Wearing a Blazer becomes more comfortable.

6) You get more respect from work colleagues.

7) You will be given the chance to speak more and voice your opinions in meetings.

8) You will start to follow style and fashion blogs to keep up with the latest trends.

9) You will always manage to dress accordingly for the occasion.

10) Your confidence will start to shine through.

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