Shirts, style and all the things dandy - the Jiggler Lord Berlue blog is here! June 06 2014, 3 Comments

Hey folks – glad you found us! Make yourself a brew and take a seat in the Jiggler showroom.

Now the brand is established and we’re comfortable, we decided we needed to spread our wings and start a proper blog to share everything that’s going on in the wonderful world of Jiggler Lord Berlue.

As you may know our collections are inspired by the original 18th Century dandy Lord Berlue – Jiggler to his friends – and he may steal the pen from time to time.

Lord Berlue was obsessed with fine tailoring and high living, much of his time being taken up attending to his wardrobe and throwing extravagant parties awash with wine, song and good times for all. It is his flamboyant attitude to tailoring which influence today’s reincarnation of these masterpieces: high society life condensed into a series of fabrics, flourishes and embellishments and given a sharp update for the 21st Century.

Did you know that in the 18th Century it would have been unheard of to pay anyone a visit without bringing your calling card? As an eminent socialite Lord Berlue would have had dozens of these going in and out as he organised his hectic social schedule.

With our high summer styles due in over the next few weeks, we’ve put together some calling cards so that you can be well informed before the big day. Here’s just a little taster - but be sure to check out our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter to preview the whole range over the next couple of weeks as stock is limited and some sizes will sell out fast.

Until next time friends!