The Diaries of Jiggler Lord Berlue

13th June 1752

The next big social event to prepare for is the annual visit to my Father’s lodge and his Summer Solstice party. A fanciful theme it is true, but a grand opportunity to dress up in whimsical clothing and dine, drink and dance all the same.

Berlue Senior certainly knows how to throw a party and it’s always good to catch up with old friends of his. Herman, Mitchell and Franklin and expected and I’m most excited to see Alfred, who I’ve not seen for some years. And his old pal Jeremy, who’s still a rogue and popular with the ladies, despite his advancing years.

Meanwhile here I’ve noticed some newcomers to the neighbourhood these past few days; we’ve not been introduced but they seem well dressed, decent types. I shall invite them to my next party and make their acquaintance.

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