Drink in style this summer with our historically inspired cocktail June 20 2014, 0 Comments

As the famous English weather graces us with a few rays of sunshine, thoughts are turning to beer gardens, Mr Whippy and lazy weekends in the sun.

As we dusted off our highball glasses and ice trays, we got to thinking what would our own Lord Berlue have been drinking in the summer months? We know he had an extensive cellar, but wine alone does not a drinks cabinet make.

Gin was a big hit in 18th Century England and of course, nothing says English Summer like a G&T, but sometimes a Jiggler wants something a little more extravagant. So for that touch of luxury we’ve swapped the tonic for champagne and sweetened with orange to create this wonderfully refreshing celebration drink.

Summer’s the perfect time to shake up a few cocktails at home – even if you don’t have servants on hand

The Modern Dandy cocktail

this is so simple anyone can turn their hand to The Modern Dandy.

The Modern Dandy


- 25ml gin

- 25ml fresh orange juice

- Dash lemon juice

- Champagne or Prosecco


- Shake gin, orange and lemon juice together

- Strain into a chilled flute and top up with champagne

- Garnish with lemon slices

- Don a Jiggler polo and enjoy!