Behind the Scenes – Designing the Shirt

Do you ever wonder what goes on in the heads of designers? Where all that double collared multi button goodness actually comes from? What a typical day is like for them? Well so do I, so I nagged our head designer Dee for a few days, bought her a drink and she finally granted me a two minute interview.

Dee loves putting loads of buttons of our shirts (and she’s secretly a bit gutted that this look has gone off trend) and she has mean illustration skills. She’s currently in a little office listening to smooth radio and eating something extremely healthy (the Finance Manager once stole her grapefruit. It wasn’t pretty). So I asked her…

What do you do on a typical day?  

Well, my days are quite different depending on what part of the season it is. It can go from designing new styles, researching, putting together mood boards, inspirations, checking the catwalks and designer shows, selecting new fabrics, colours an

d trims to fitting new samples styles, approving things for production and working closely with the production department. 

What’s the best thing about your job?  

There are lots of great things about my job but mainly seeing something that I have created come to life in the form of a great garment that people want to buy.

Why is your job the most important?

This is a tough one!All aspects of the development process are important, but for me the design element is where the whole process begins. It can be an idea I have combined with a current trend that can be the start of the collection.

Favourite JLB shirt?  

I couldn't possibly pick a favourite as I love them all!

Ok she’s a little biased but I’ll forgive her that, if she wasn’t you wouldn’t be wearing that shirt right now. Next I’ll be going to production to see exactly what they get up to (when they’re not winding Dee up). Stay tuned…












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