Which Collar? Jiggler Lord Berlue Factsheet July 18 2014, 1 Comment

What is a shirt without a collar? Well… nothing. It would look weird wouldn’t it? We’re very keen on our collars here at Jiggler Lord Berlue we take them extremely seriously - whilst still having fun with it of course. We’ve put together a quick guide to some of the different collars – so that when someone comments on how fetching your new shirt is you can speak with some confidence about the various features that make it so great.

Basil collar detail

Pointed down

The most traditional of collars, versatile and well suited to a tie. At the moment we don’t actually do a buttonless version (we just can’t bare to conform), but look out for one in the future.

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Dennis collar detail

Button down

Traditionally more casual and designed to be worn without a tie, these collars originated from polo players’ need to keep their faces free from flappy collars – which is just the kind of thoroughly English reasoning that we enjoy enormously. Our head designer Dee is big on buttons – so this is her favourite type of collar.

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Cody collar detail

Double collar

Double collars are frankly just an excuse to add in more detail and pleasing contrasts to make your shirt that bit more special – not an opportunity we’d miss out on.

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Nelson collar detail

Cut away

Often worn to show off a tie with a wider knot, shirts with these collars can be a good choice for work, but you can also go unbuttoned and tieless for that devil-may-care look. It’s also a good choice to balance out a narrow, angular chin.

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Julius collar detail

Chiselled collar

Similar to the cut away this is one of the more unusual collars we do, which you’ll struggle to find much outside of the tailors, so make the most of it!

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Bryant collar detail

Penny collar

Penny collars are more casual and add a relaxed twist to a tailored look. Add a narrow tie for a thoroughly modern feel.

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