First look at Autumn Winter 14

It feels like summer has barely got underway, but we’re busily beavering away on Autumn Winter – finalising designs, quibbling over fabric weight and generally contemplating the return of the cold weather (though we do draw the line at putting the Christmas decs up). It’s actually pouring with rain as we speak and I didn’t bring a coat, so it doesn’t feel too premature from where I’m standing!

This year for the first time we’ve had a sales conference, getting all our agents together to unveil the new range (with a bit of drama and a few cocktail sausages) and meet the team at head office. So for the past two weeks everyone’s been flapping around like mums at Christmas trying to make the place look presentable, a lot of which seemed to be focused on making sure the rails in the showrooms are exactly straight – well if that’s the biggest problem then the place can’t be that bad I say.

But I digress. Autumn Winter marks a new, exciting direction for Jiggler Lord Berlue as we start to branch out into tailoring with our first blazers! Yes folks, you heard it here first. We’re a boot and trouser away from having you decked out from head to toe in Jiggler (though don’t expect Jiggler’s all in one mens outfitters just yet. Give us time.) So here’s a taster of what to expect in the coming months.


Collar detail

Lining detail

Pocket detail

Button detail

You’d been asking us for blazers since time in memoriam, so we’re thrilled that the time has come to grant your wish (no, there were no fairies involved. Honest.) As the weather turns nasty and English again we won’t be able to enjoy going out without a jacket for much longer, so it’s only fair we provide you with a bit of outerwear so you can continue to turn heads on the street.


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