The Diaries of Jiggler Lord Berlue – Summer Celebrations August 22 2014, 0 Comments

22nd August, 1752

Persistent and heavy rain this past week is not showing the countryside at its best, but I refuse to let it dampen my mood. Summer is still by far my favourite season as it affords ample opportunity for fine dressing. With so many social gatherings in such a short period, it would be rude not to be properly attired in a different outfit each time! This of course means a considerable amount of time spent at the tailors – not something I ever object to.

My birthday celebrations were a tremendous success with food, wine and cake aplenty, and the whole evening passed with mercifully no mention of my age! But I had barely a chance to recover from that before my presence was required once again on the never-ending merry-go-round of social engagements. Of course wedding season is in full swing and with several cousins, nephews and nieces getting married this year I have purchased several new shirts, and fended off as many questions about my own domestic arrangements! Enjoyable as the celebrations are though, bachelordom suits me very well for the time being.

It must be said that the standard of dress at these weddings has been truly inspiring. My cousin Margaret’s new husband Victor wore a white shirt that was simply stunning in its sumptuous detailing! And his best man Elijah must know the best of tailors for his shirt, though simple, was one of the finest in quality I have ever seen. I must write to him in due course to ask for the man’s name.