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The Evolution of Jiggler Lord Berlue

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Time flies when you’re having fun, and we can’t believe how far Jiggler Lord Berlue has come in two years. In preparation for our sales conference a few weeks ago we had a look back at our first collection and it’s amazing how much the brand has evolved and changed since then. Dee’s still quite attached to some of those early designs, so we had to whisk them away from her sharpish – they’re not old enough to be vintage yet!

You know we love our collars and buttons – but a quick look back showed we used to really love them! Big double collars and rows of buttons that would have you there for hours getting dressed in the morning, and were the bane of whoever had to try on the fit samples during development! These looks have gone off trend a bit and most of our shirts now have a more practical number of buttons and smaller collars – the new chiselled style collars in particular have proved very popular.

Terona, Julius

You’ll now see much bolder, brighter colours with many more patterns, detailing and unique touches that make each shirt a true work of art; whilst retaining a core range of plainer, more work friendly styles such as Jeremy, Elijah and Cody.

Monte, Quincy, Cody

Lancelot and Basil sky from Spring Summer 13 were the first shirts that could truly be called flamboyant, and since then we’ve slipped a few in each season for the boldest of you who like to make a statement with your clothes. One of my personal favourites from our time was Isador – with its fabulous floral pattern this shirt from Autumn Winter 14 was so popular you could literally have blinked and missed it.

Lancelot, Basil, Isador

We first introduced polos for High Summer 13 and they now seem such a natural part of the range we can’t remember what we did without them! Well actually what we did was an initial range of short sleeved shirts for Spring Summer 12 which weren’t as popular as the long sleeved, so we left them for a few seasons, but now they’re back and they’re almost sold out.

Pencie, Lloyd, Renford

You’re always asking us “when will x, y and z be back in stock?” Sadly the answer is more often than not “never”. It’s the nature of the beast that shirts are designed manufactured and sold for one season and when they’re gone, they’re gone. But we do sometimes re-order popular styles for another season, or produce a move-on which is similar, so it’s always worth checking!

Dennis, for example, was a hugely popular shirt that was crying for a move on, so we took other elements you liked – the chiselled collar from Julius and the multi coloured trim from Dennis and Cassius, and combined them into one super shirt: Victor! With the multi coloured buttons swapped for the slightly less controversial coloured button holes, we knew we were onto a winner.

Dennis, Victor

And finally a few of our favourites from over the seasons:


Litan – SS12 and AW12

Litan is the first shirt I remember being really popular when I started working here, and it must have been as it just kept coming back in different colours – black, royal blue, sky, red and lilac all featured.

Andrew white

Andrew – SS13

Andrew was a great all round shirt and one that was still asked after longs after it had sold out. It had the buttons – but not too many – and came in four work friendly colours.


Earl – AW13

This dark, brooding shirt cleaned up shop within minutes (or so it seemed) and was the first AW14 style to sell out in most sizes.

Bryant sky

Bryant – SS13

Bryant was another that sold like hot cakes (hot shirt straight off the radiator anyone?) and we only have a couple left at this point, but fear not, it has been re-ordered for AW14 and there’s a navy version in the works too.

Looking forward we're moving into tailoring with out first blazers this Autumn, and who knows what other ideas are cooking in the back room at this very moment? Stay tuned...


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