Can clothes solve problems? Four reasons you need fashion in your life

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Here’s the situation: I work in fashion. I have friends I’ve known since school who are now teachers and solicitors – proper grown up useful jobs. Me, I don’t save lives, forge democracies or even teach children to read and write. Just occasionally I find myself wondering what exactly the point of my life is, so to save myself from sinking into this giant sinkhole of utter futility every time I edit a photo of yet another shirt, I asked myself: can clothes actually solve problems?

I’m not talking about solving global warming or trying to decide whether or not to break up with someone – not even the smartest bow tie could solve that kind of quandary – but more everyday problems might well be nudged towards a solution by a well placed suit.

Power dressing

Even if you’re not sticking to the rigid original definition, complete with shoulder pads, there’s no doubt that a sharp outfit in the right situation can do wonders for your confidence. Batman didn’t avert any major global crisis’ in his pyjamas and you won’t either.

First impressions

You know for a fact that in certain situations, such as job interviews, your clothes are going to be scrutinized and there will be an unhealthy amount of book cover judging going on, so you can save yourself one headache by making sure you always have a killer outfit (or several) on standby in your wardrobe, and voila, no sweating on the morning of the big day.

Retail therapy

The jury’s out on whether retail therapy has any solid basis of fact (and frankly they’re not that likely to come back in as I don’t think anyone’s that bothered) but at the end of the day if you like shopping generally, chances are it will cheer you up a bit when you’re having a bad day.


There's no two ways about it - everyone wears clothes. Even nudists must own a few. Clothes are the ultimate standby for that (usually male) family member who’s impossible to buy for, even if the budget will only stretch to a pair of socks. Just make sure it's a great pair.

So in summary: without clothes we’d all be naked, unemployed and lacking in confidence. Hurrah for fashion!

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  • sandra griffen: April 27, 2018

    Why does my leather dress pucker and twist at the bottom when wearing it.? do i stop this happening?

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