Shirts Deconstructed – Spotlight on Bryant

As you connoisseurs will know, there’s no such thing as “just a shirt”. There are shirts for suits, shirts for jeans, shirts for summer, winter and Christmas parties. Each shirt is crafted as an individual masterpiece (oh go on, indulge us) and as such our head designer is always happy to regale us with detailed information about each and every aspect of the design. So to get you clued up I’ve delved into the details of Bryant, so you too can boast you authority every time someone compliments your shirt.

The Collar

The curved penny collar is more casual than the traditional pointed down or cut away shapes and cuts a very modern profile. For more info on the different types of collars, check out this blog post.

The Cuff

Simple and classic, Bryant has a curved cuff with branded buttons. You’d be surprised how many different cuff designs there are though – check out Julius, Lincoln and Zanetti for different cuff shapes.

The Branding

We first added the cuff embroidery for Spring Summer 2013 and it’s been on every shirt since. Just a little reminder, in case you’re ever in doubt, that you’re wearing Jiggler Lord Berlue.

The Buttons

It’s the little details like branded buttons and the contrasting placket fabric that make Jiggler shirts stand out from the crowd.

The Print

Micro geometric prints are going to be big for Autumn Winter, so we’ve got a re-order on for the classic sky, and new navy and black versions are on their way to us for November, in time for the party season.

The Story

You’ll find the Jiggler Lord Berlue story on every tag, but in case you’ve thrown them away (shame on you), you can read it here.

The Maintenance

It seems that the majority of adults don’t know what the symbols on the care label actually mean. I have to admit I’m also guilty – beyond being able to read the temperature I’m pretty much clueless and I’ve been washing my own clothes for quite a few years at this point! I had to ask a designer for this. As a general rule your Jiggler Lord Berlue shirt should be washed at 30, ironed on cool and please don’t go near the tumble drier! Heavily printed fabrics like this one can shrink a little in the wash but should return to their normal size when ironed. 

So there you have it – go forth in your Jiggler shirt and find someone to share your wisdom with.

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