How to be a Dandy in five easy steps September 26 2014, 0 Comments

Jiggler hip flask

Lord Berlue was the ultimate dandy, cad or jiggler – take your etymological pick – and it is that attitude that lives on in our collections. You’ve got the shirts, so read on for the low down on how to get the full dandy package.


Strictly speaking your clothes should be handmade, made to measure and made from highly expensive fabrics, the dearer the better. This poses several problems to The Modern Dandy as we tend to need a lot more outfits, it being less socially acceptable to wear the same clothes for days on end, particularly when you haven’t washed for a week. For a modern twist on dandy fashion you should make full use of the magic of the shower and be so clean it’s almost obscene. If you don’t yet have your own tailor, high quality commercially available garbs are an acceptable substitute.

Food and drink

Two rules: it should be impressive and there should be lots of it. Grown (or shot) on your own estate, imported from distant lands (at great expense) and prepared by your own chef are all solid goals to aim for. Meat should be the main event, beef in particular will reaffirm your Britishness and steamed puddings are also important. Wash it down with wine, gin and plenty of tea (if you can afford it). We are obliged to remind you that gentlemen should not regularly exceed 3 – 4 jiggers of gin a day – inebriation is not a flattering state for anybody.


Regularly, extravagantly and expensively. Aim to host as many parties as possible to show off your wealth and good taste, and accept all suitable invitations. Always arrive dressed to kill (see clothing), and bearing extravagant g

ifts (see food and drink). Just remember to always RSVP – changing your mind three times on whether or not to attend and gate crashing strangers parties is not acceptable.


Never exert yourself physically unless it’s at some noble sport, like hunting. Leave all hard labour to others and take up a supervisory role and a suitable hobby, such as music. Suitable occupations for dandies include land owner and Lord of the Manor. Anything that involves managing others, deciding how money is spent and shirking hard work fits the bill.


Be sure to indulge all your whims and fancies – or better still get the servants to indulge them for you. There is no virtue in delayed gratification, so if you want something, make someone do it for you now.

Ok realistically maybe we don’t actually live like this but we can dream…