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3rd October, 1752

September and October are always slow months for social gatherings. Very little seems to happen between the weddings of summer and Guy Fawkes Day, which unofficially marks the beginning of preparations for Christmas (at least in my household).

It was of course the Harvest Moon this week just gone; not something which means a great deal to us town dwellers but my uncle having a perfectly lovely country estate it was an excellent opportunity to visit and join in with the feasting (without having being at all involved in the hard work!).

And to be frank it was a well timed excuse to escape the city for a while. All seems frightfully dull here at present, the weather is disagreeable and everyone seems to have disappeared into the woodwork at the first hint of rain and cold.

Having almost nothing in my diary for the next month; it appears I shall have to make my own amusement. Perhaps some shopping next week, it is surely not too soon to begin looking for new outfits for Christmas? My tailor should have some new fabrics and styles to show me very soon. Perhaps this month shall not be so dull afterall.


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