Behind the scenes – all things digital October 17 2014, 0 Comments

And so we come to what is without a doubt the most exciting interview of them all, behind the scenes with the internet crack team. Luke and I have many things in common: we both went to university together, have a penchant for German beer and get ultra competitive playing pool. We first bonded in the bathroom of my student flat, and then, some years later came together to build and maintain the digital universe of Jiggler Lord Berlue. How do we do it? Black magic. How do we really do it? Read on…

What do you do on a typical day?

Luke: I come in, make a brew, if I’m lucky I crack out a biscuit, switch on my Mac and watch the magic unfold. My first job on the day is always the same…besides switching on the radio, I upload the stock files so our beloved internet customers know exactly what’s up for grabs, and then I feed gorgeous George (our rather handsome desk plant).

I look after everything web related from online sales to graphics and web promotions. I’m the one who brightens your day with our wonderful fun filled newsletters in which you can enjoy the ever changing graphics, featured styles and Jiggler news…we even predict the weather!

Laura: Well I don’t normally interview myself so that’s a new one on me! It varies depending on where we are in the season. When new samples come in I usually go into a mad rush trying to get them all photographed before someone steals them out of the showroom for appointments. Photographing and editing an entire collection is a big job and no sooner am I done with one season than it seems like samples are coming in for the next one, or there are other photography jobs to do like model shots or photos for specific campaigns.

In between times I’m also writing all the product descriptions and blog posts and maintaining our social media sites is a daily task. I also handle the customer care for the website which is great as I get all the customer feedback directly so Luke and I can continually work on improving the website.

Luke: I think the best thing about my job is the creative side: putting together web, banners & graphics,as well as thinking of ways we can promote the brand generally making everything more fun for our customers.

Laura: Being let loose with a camera is an excellent way to spend the day, as is rattling my unfettered thoughts off into a Word document. An uninterrupted afternoon’s editing (without the phone constantly ringing or urgent drop everything emails arriving) is also a rare treat!

Any bad things?

Luke: I can’t say there’s anything I dislike about my Job – one day the kettle broke?

Laura: People steal my stationary.

What do you think is the most important aspect of your job?

Luke: I suppose the most important part of my job is not letting customers down, I need to make sure everything is up to date on the website from stock levels to prices and the wonderful photo stylings of Laura “flash master” Gower.

Laura: Photography is vital; you can’t sell online without it!

Favourite JLB shirt?

Luke: I think Bryant Navy is a winner or Gethin White, actually Zanetti Sky…can I just have them all??

Laura: I really like Victor in white, but I think they’re a bit big for me…