Autumn Winter 14 - Polo Shirts for President

We’ve truly gotten into our polo shirt stride, and this season sees our polo range expanding with a greater variety of designs and striking trims. The micro print trend features heavily, as do classic autumn colours: navy, black and white. We’ve also thrown in a wildcard – if you can’t keep away from the flamboyant shirts then Keith is the polo for you – there’s no need to be conservative just because you’re dressing down! For now let’s just say – it’s floral.

Our Lloyd polo shirt (with the extra funky trim) from Autumn Winter 13 absolutely flew, so we’ve updated it as “Sheldon” for 2014 with a stripier trim and colourful buttons for that extra little bit of pizzazz. For those in need of a plainer wardrobe staple we have Rowan, a classic navy polo livened up with pink and polka dot collar detail to set you apart from the rest. Never again need the words “smart casual” mean “boring clothes”.

Keith polo shirt Sheldon white polo shirt Rowan polo shirt

You may have noticed the ongoing naming trend whereby all styles are given British mens names. I’ve been worried for some time that there are only a finite number of words that are actually names and that sooner or late we would tip over into the territory of words the masquerade as names but really aren’t. But I’m assured that all the names come from a monthly review of the top 100 boys names – so they are all things people really are calling their children! So think of us as a barometer for the names you’ll be meeting in 20 years time and if you want to have a say, well, you know what to do!

Polo shirts due in stock November.

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