The Diaries of Jiggler Lord Berlue

7th November 1752

The 5th November came and went with much food, merry making and quite a showcase of winter coats making their first appearances of the year. This “Guy Fawkes Day” is becoming quite a jolly tradition now (considering its dubious roots!), and of course I never complain at the chance for a celebration.

Kael, myself and Louis sat round the fire late into the night, drinking cider and warm wine, and discussing the merits of my other guests’ outfits. They are both fashionable fellows and we even devised a scoring system and spent quite a time scoring outfits out of five. We were feeling restful and it seemed like a gainful pursuit at the time!

We rated each on their formality, popularity with other guests (number of compliments throughout the evening!), extravagance and overall style. Winston came up trumps, mainly because he could barely move for fawning compliments and people wanting to touch his clothing! It is a fabulous piece of fabric and one I’m eager to get my hands on as well.

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