The Modern Dandy’s Movember Guide to Moustaches November 14 2014, 0 Comments

Movember has rolled around again and the guys in the office are stubbornly refusing to get into the dandy spirit and partake. I understand where they’re coming from, but I think they’ve missed a trick – it’s the perfect opportunity to trial a new facial hair style with minimal amounts of ridicule (or at least you can claim an honourable reason for your ridiculousness).

Facial hair was actually quite rare in the 18th Century as razors became more effective and comfortable to use, the majority of men went clean shaven. But always the eccentric, Lord Berlue took pride in being different, and in trimming and waxing his moustache to perfection. Nowadays we have a lovely lot of styles to choose from and it can radically alter your appearance, so whether you’ve embarked on Movember or not, why not take a moment to consider a change to your facial topiary?


The one and only membership requirement for joining the Handlebar Club on London and the tache that Lord Berlue himself sports, the Handlebar has quite a British feel, which you can accentuate with a pipe, top hat and monocle. Pair it with a shirt like Quincy or Louis to pull of the eccentric English gentleman look.


Also known as the English, mainly by the non-English, moustache purists would say they are different styles, but they’re undeniably similar. Neat and no nonsense, you can slip this tache in under the radar (sort of). Works well with a plain shirt like Elijah and a nice suit as you head off to work.


Highly twiddleable whilst thinking, this tache is particularly suited to private detectives, philosophers and anyone else who makes a living out of intense thought. But be warned: the main ingredient here is going to be a lot of wax, so whilst it might look cool (might…); it’s probably not that pleasant to handle.

Designer Stubble

A bit of a paradox as it looks lazy and devil-may-care but actually takes quite a lot of maintenance to sustain the correct length (your skin tone and hair colour will dictate how long you can get away with). This suits almost anyone, so it’s a great first step towards cultivating your signature style.

Full on beard

Can suggest distinguished wisdom or devastatingly alternative coolness depending on your age, and whether you match it with a nice shirt and blazer (recommended) or a vest and sleeve of tats (proceed with caution). Beards have arguably never been more popular, so if you’ve been considering taking the plunge, now it the time.

Hopefully we’ve inspired you to re-evaluate your shaving regime and if you fancy giving a new style a go, start now and you’ll be well on your way to a new look by Christmas!