The Power of Tailoring

Tailoring makes a powerful statement. You may be surrounded by suits everyday, but so often they are cheap, ill fitting, unflattering garments bought to appease work dress codes, without any understanding of the fundamentals of what makes a really great suit.

Of course good tailoring doesn’t have to mean full suits if you find them a bit intimidating (more on this later); individual blazers, such as you find at JLB, are versatile wardrobe items you can mix and match with a variety of bottoms in all kinds of situations. Quality shows, so of course our blazers are created to the same impeccable standards you expect from our shirts.Horatio blazer, Kael shirt

The colour of Hunt is a classic, wearable shade as well as a key trend for this season, as is the window pane check of Horatio. Grey and blue is a timeless combination, so match our blazers with grey chinos or even jeans, or switch it up with navy trousers and a grey blazer when a suit feels too formal.

Our blazers are inspired by the classic single breasted, two button style of the Saville Row Tailor, and maintain many key elements of hand made tailored garments. The construction is half canvassed, which provides a sturdier construction than cheaper fused styles, and a natural fit across the chest, and the section where the arm hole meets the body is rolled in a unique way to improve the fit across the shoulders and back.

So you have your quality tailoring – you’re wielding a powerful tool so use it with care! Head designer Dee told me a story recently which really demonstrates the power of tailoring:

She used to work in a large design team on their own floor of the office. Now if you’ve met many designers you’ll know they don’t generally come to work in suits and preened to perfection; they love their fashion, but they don’t meet with customers, don’t give presentations and are generally too busy being fabulous to judge others on their appearance. Occasionally a member of the finance department would venture up to the design floor, and she said it was a bit like an alien invasion. In their suited and booted state the design team found them genuinely intimidating, not quite sure if they were hostile or friendly, or what their intentions were. Of course to the finance people this was the normal way to dress and expected of them, and wouldn’t understand what the designers found unsettling about it. Context is everything!

Remember you want to impress people, not intimidate them, so pick your outfit with care and think twice before defaulting to a suit if it’s not required. Mixing separates allows you to exercise your creativity and gives you the edge over those who opt for a suit every time. A word of warning though – they need to be different enough so you can’t be mistaken for attempting to wear a suit but just getting it wrong!

What will you be matching your blazers with this party season? We’d love some fresh inspiration!

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