Jiggler Lord Berlue with you at Christmas

Horatio blazer, Abott shirt

As Christmas looms, the burden of Christmas socialising settles on your shoulders. Some you look forward to, others maybe obligation beckons more than genuine anticipation. But never fear, Jiggler Lord Berlue will be with you all the way. We have a shirt for every occasion, shirts that prompt conversation and blazers that complete the outfit.

The Office Christmas Party

It can be a hard night as you try to relax whilst keeping it zipped on what you really think of your colleagues. On the other hand it might be a great time to sow the seeds of pay rise and promotion in your boss’ befuddled head! So you want to look great but not too outlandish; you still need to keep your reputation in tact. Bryant (available in navy, black or sky blue) would be a great option, sleek and impressive, but totally inoffensive. If you prefer to keep it classic, Angus or Gethin in white, finished with a Hunt or Horatio blazer should keep you in favour with the bigwigs.

The Family Meal

The highlight of Christmas or an annual tribulation to be endured as you grit your teeth and wish you were back at work? Either way you’ll need something to wear that’s different to what you wore last year. We would recommend a polo shirt as you’ll be spending the vast majority of the time eating and drinking yourself silly. Calvert and Floyd are nice sensible options that couldn’t elicit disapproval from anyone. If you must wear a shirt, Quincy or Wilbur would disguise any food spills nicely nicely, though you might meet with condemnation from particularly conservative family members. You can split the difference and go with a comfortable shirt like Zanetti, or a micro print polo like Matthew or Jericho.

The Big Night Out

Everyone should have at least one great night out for Christmas. Often an opportunity to catch up with old friends, this is the night to go all out on your outfit. With your friends there’s no need to hold back, so let your hair down and pick a shirt that matches your personality. If you don’t know yourself then frankly we can’t help much, but Christmas is no time for regrets (that’s what New Years is for!) so just go big and bold with something like Orsan or Kael.

There’s no need to rush your decisions; with free next day delivery as standard and delivering right up until Christmas Eve, we live to serve last minute shoppers! If you’re looking for presents you can’t go wrong with a shirt, but if you’re not sure which style (or even size) to go for, why not give a gift voucher? Just give us a call on 08450 773793 and we can arrange a personalised coupon for you (available until the 19th December).

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