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19th December 1752

Preparations for Christmas have been underway for several weeks (mainly in the kitchen!) and I have of course been planning parties and dinners, the first of which is this Saturday, and preparing my wardrobe accordingly.

Crosby will come with flamboyant gifts no doubt and Gethin always brings a fine wine or two with him. But my new favourite friend at the moment (though one shouldn’t say such things!) is Winston – he’s so popular these days that getting him to my dinner is a real coup.

The house has been dressed, the Christmas boxes prepared – what else is there left to do? My parents arrive next week and I trust they will not be disappointed with the preparations, though I cannot say I am entirely looking forward to a full week in their company, when I cannot invite whomever I please for dinner, but it has to be done and I shall make the best of it.

I was hoping we might be able to skate on the lake, but there hasn’t been a hint of ice so far. One year when I was a boy the whole river Thames froze over and there was great fair with stall and games, but that was over ten years ago and it seems increasingly unlikely to ever happen again. This winter has certainly been uncommonly mild so far so it shan’t happen this year at any rate.


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