Jiggler back for Spring in bright colours and floral prints

Did you think we’d gone for good? No such luck I'm afraid.

We're back in business after what must seem like a super extended Christmas break (for my inner raconteur at any rate) – January was supposed to be our quiet month but with last minute visits to shows and one thing and another it was anything but.

Our Christmas presents included a new sales executive who's also looking after the website (great) and a series of IT hiccups to keep us on our toes (not so great). One of our hard drives is still in hospital and we're praying he won't end up in the big server in the sky.

Spring Summer 15 is now well underway and as the temperature creeps upwards we have three new short sleeved shirts for the optimistic dressers amongst you. New polos have just arrived (slightly delayed, ironically, by heavy snow in Turkey halting shipments) and we have a very special new blazer arriving soon to add to our growing tailoring range. We’re also producing a special selection of limited edition long sleeved shirts in the most extravagant fabrics we could find, so keep your ear to the ground, because they won’t hang around for long. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to be the first to hear.

But there’s still plenty to enjoy before they arrive. We’ve got some really vibrant spring prints to shake up your wardrobe and inspire a new look this year, along with a good injection of bright colour. Many men are afraid of colour but there’s no need to be – the trick is to introduce it gradually, starting with muted tones and work your way up to bright smack-around-the-face shades. If you generally prefer to stay in the background and dress accordingly – just remember there are times when it really pays to stand out – networking events, queuing for service and speed dating to name a few (ok you probably don’t go speed dating, but if you did you would want to dress memorably).

What are your essential summer items – short sleeved shirts or polos? Maybe you’re still finding it hard to remember what summer feels like (I know I am after yesterday’s random snowstorms) but it will come and you and your wardrobe must be prepared!

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