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The Diaries of Jiggler Lord Berlue

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3rd April 1753

The festival of Easter is just around the corner and I am resolved to make it a grand occasion as usual. We shall have those buns marked with a cross that have become all the range these last few years, and ornamental eggs for all my guests.

Zalo will come with flamboyant gifts of his own no doubt and Stevie always brings a fine wine or two with him. But my new favourite friend at the moment (though one should not say such things!) is Horatio – he is so popular these days that getting him to my dinner is a real coup.

I have noticed these last few weeks that there are several new characters about the town but no one seems to know who they are or where they came from. They are staying in a lodge which is the holiday home of one of the London gentry (he never comes here until the summer) so theirs is presumably a temporary presence. They have displayed some loud and flamboyant behaviour several nights in a row, but rarely appear during daylight hours to make anyone’s acquaintance. All in all a most mysterious matter.


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