Ten places to wear your Jiggler this Summer

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As the sun struggles to break through the rain your mind is probably turning to your summer wardrobe and all the opportunities for dressing well that lie ahead. It can be a little disorientating when you can suddenly venture out without a jacket but never fear – Jiggler Lord Berlue will be with you right up until the day you bow to inevitability and get your coat out of the wardrobe again. Here are just a few places you can show your style this summer...

1. At a wedding

Weddings are rife during the summer and once you reach a certain age you can easily find yourself booked up for more than you’d really care to attend but can’t get out of. It’s not polite to outshine the bride, but nor is it nice to look a mess in their wedding photos, so grab yourself a couple of low key long sleeve shirts to see you through and be relieved that it’s totally acceptable to always wear the same suit (think of the ladies – they need a new dress every time).

2. On holiday

Enough said. Unwind and chill out in a classic English polo.

3. On the golf course

The spiritual home of the polo shirt, anyone can fit in if they swing a club and slip into one of these. Relax in the clubhouse afterwards with a gin and tonic for the quintessentially English summer day out.

4. At barbeques

That great British tradition – as soon as the sun’s out for more than five minutes the barbeque comes out of the garage and you can’t move for marinades, kebabs and the token salad bowl. It’s a ritual that many take extremely seriously – one of our sales team has been known to barbeque on Boxing Day if the sun makes an appearance.

5. At any kind of food or beer festival

Good food, good drink, good clothes – it just makes sense.

6. At work

No one wants to be working when the weather’s warm but realistically most of us have to, so make the best of it and be as comfortable as possible in a light short sleeved shirt.

7. At graduation

If you’re a nipper just starting out in the adult world make sure you start out in style. Yes, the robe does feel pretty stupid to wear so make sure the rest of your outfit is spot on. Remember the photo will be in your parents’ living room for the next few decades at least, so it’s vital you look presentable.

8. At the Great British Beach

Possibly on the August bank holiday weekend, an excellent candidate for the polo or short sleeved shirt and if you’re lucky you won’t even need a waterproof over the top (though in your bag’s the absolute furthest you should let it get from you).

9. On the Great British Bake Off

If you just so happen to be on it...

10. At Glastonbury

Ok just kidding. This is the last place you’d want to wear your favourite shirt, as I’m afraid our returns policy doesn’t cover mud stains. Festival antics are emphatically not recommended in our products, unless you’re actually on stage of course…

We’d love to see photos of you out and about this summer in your favourite Jiggler shirt. Share them with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with hashtag #jigglerlordberlue.


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