5 Shirts Every Man Should Own

Shirts are a staple part of every man's wardrobe. In fact statistics show that you shouldn't trust a man who doesn't own a shirt! I mean come on, who doesn't own even one single shirt...?

We have put together the essential list of five types of shirt for every situation from comfy to formal. These are the classics that will forever withstand fickle trends!

1. Tailored and White

A white shirt never goes out of style, but it's surprising how many men get this wardrobe staple so wrong. Look for a nice 100% cotton shirt that won't lose shape and that's simple enough to wear with a suit or on its own. Fit and fabric are key here, so be sure to launder properly (always check the label!) and replace as soon as there's any yellowing under the arms or fabric wear and tear.

Here we have the McCort White shirt which is great with a blazer or worn its own. 


2. Polka Dot Shirt 

As far as prints go, you can't get more classic or fail safe than a polka dot shirt. Leave the wacky checks for another time and team polka dots with unstructured weekend basics or more formal work-wear. 

Check out our Hamley Shirt here:

3. Pale Blue Shirt

Favoured by the well-dressed men of Europe and for good reason, a light blue shirt will be the hardest working item in your wardrobe. Roll up the sleeves and team with jeans for the weekend, or wear tucked into trousers with a neutral belt and navy blazer for a dressier look.

Check out our Baain shirt here to get the look

4. Something Seasonal

Classics are forever, but it's nice to indulge in a seasonal colour or fabric every now and again to keep things interesting. Floral prints are having a resurgence in all forms, and we love how florals are no longer just associated with Hawaiian holiday shirts!

Check out our Fawcett shirt here: 

5. Fail safe Black

It's time to stop thinking of the black shirt as a trend based item and embrace it as a wardrobe essential. A black shirt is a safe bet and can smarten up the most casual of looks. Black is the new white!

Check out our Blijah Black Shirt 

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