4 Skills You Need to Make a Great Impression May 04 2017, 0 Comments

Making a great first impression is crucial, not only I your professional life, but socially too. First impressions aren’t always that easy and if you fail to catch someone’s attention, it could mean game over for you. These top tips will ensure you make a lasting impression on someone and get the opportunities you deserve.

1) Put Your Hands Up


If you are giving a talk or just talking to someone for the first time, it’s always good to use your hands to talk. It is proven to make a person feel at ease and so more likely to befriend you. The simplest thing you can do to improve your first impression is to keep your hands visible. When you walk into a room or are waiting to meet someone, keep your hands out of your pockets and don’t let desks or laptops block them either. Also make sure you never skip a handshake; this physical contact is vital to creating a connection between you and the other person.


Giving the perfect handshake


Keep it dry – there is nothing worse then a slimy palm! If you are at a party then maybe wrap a napkin around your cup, or wash your hands to get rid of any sweatiness.


Keep it vertical – when offering your palm, if it is tilted up it is considered to be a weak gesture, whereas forcing someone into the palm up position is considered domineering.


Be firm – when shaking someone’s hand, squeeze until you feel their muscles tighten and then stop. Never give someone a limp handshake; it can be really off putting.


2) Stand Like a Winner


Within the first few seconds of meeting someone, we are looking for indications of confidence. We are looking to see if the other person is a winner or a loser. And that person is also doing the same with us.  So what should a winner look like? Keep your shoulders back and down, aim your chin, chest and forehead straight in front of you or slightly up, keep space between your arms and torso and again keep those hands out of your pockets.


3) Look Them Straight In The Eye


Why is eye contact so powerful? Like a handshake, we’re programmed to interpret the right amount of eye contact as a nonverbal signal of goodwill - when you like someone you tend to look at them more. Just make sure you don’t over do it. Body language experts say the ideal time to look someone in the eye is for 60 to 70 percent of the time you are interacting with them. Much less appears timid and nervous, any more can be off putting. If you get it right you can make a connection that lasts.


4) Trash the script


Whenever we're meeting someone for the first time we tend to stick to the same script – Where are you from? What do you do?. But what is the point of following near identical scripts every time we talk to someone? It won’t make you memorable. Try different questions like what personal projects are you working on? What brings you here? What’s your story? Introducing new questions can make you likable and significant to that person.


So to sum up…give firm handshakes, make eye contact, stand like a winner and try non-typical conversation starters to make the best first impression.Good luck!