Brexit Is Making Our Wine More Expensive

First Brexit came after our chocolate and now it's really pushing us by putting up the prices of wine!


According to new reports, our plans to leave the EU are going to have a disastrous effect on wine consumption – mainly that we will have to drink less of it if we don’t want to spend all of our money.


The UK Trade Policy has done the maths and the future is not bright. The analysis shows that the price of a bottle of wine could be as much as 22% higher than it is right now. As a result, they predict that the volume of consumption will also take a down wards turn, by 28%, as cash-strapped wine-lovers look for cheaper alternatives.


The UK wine production industry is also likely to take a hit, as the study predicts the value of UK imports will be 27% lower in eight years time, meaning a tough road ahead for people working in the industry.

Looks like we might need to prepare for the worst and stock up on wine now!

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That’s a disaster we can’t have wine costing even more that it does today. Let’s stop this nonsense.


Dorian September 03, 2018

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