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Don’t Give Up! Tips to Help You With Dry January

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With January being the dullest month of the year, completing dry January can make it even more tedious. It can be hard to break away from old habits, so respect to all those with enough will power to go a month alcohol free. Around about now you might be starting to feel a bit tetchy and starting to crave that evening tipple. We have some tips to help you fight that crave…

It is ok if you've faltered

Not everyone is perfect. If you have found yourself having a sneaky pint don’t beat yourself up (too much) about it. At least you're trying to give up alcohol and it will have done you a lot of good. You could always set yourself a different goal, maybe dry February or dry three weeks. There is no one set rule, the point is just to challenge yourself.

Find a support buddy 

Having a friend with the same goal could be very beneficial in those moments of weakness. So much socializing revolves around drinking, but if you have a dry January buddy, you can plan other activities together. Evening meet-ups could turn into lunch affairs to avoid any temptation. To make it more interesting, maybe create a forfeit for slipping up!

Adopt a hobby

A new hobby could really take your mind off of things. Instead of thinking about that evening glass of whiskey, take opportunity to do something you’ve always wanted. Perhaps it's going hiking or swimming, but it could be as simple as opening the Breaking Bad box set you have been meaning to watch for months.

Reward yourself  

Think of the money you save by not drinking alcohol. You can put it towards that watch you’ve had your eye on, or the stunning blazer you need to compete your wardrobe. After all If there are no rewards, then what’s the point?

Remember why you are doing it 

When it gets tough (when everyone else is drinking...), just remember the reasons you chose to take part in Dry January. Maybe you're raising money for charity, thinking about the health benefits or saving money. Maybe you just want to spend less time at the pub and more time with your family. These reasons will keep you strong and it's not long until February anyway. Who knows, perhaps this could be a new way of life for you!


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