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Donald Trump's Style Guide

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It's no exaggeration to say that Donald Trump is currently the most talked about man in the world. Whether we like it or not he will be the president of America for the next 4 years with all that responsibility, decision making and public speeches ahead of him. Trump is going to be a very busy man so to save him time we've put together his Jiggler Lord Berlue style guide for all the big events he's got coming up.

For Speeches...

We think Donald should keep it simple and classic for these sort of engagements. Public speaking Donald needs a shirt that will tone down the craziness of his ridiculous and offensive statements - the white Blijah shirt should do the trick. 

Blijah White - £60.00

For Meetings with Congress...

Donald needs to dress smartly for these occasions so that the congressmen take him seriously. The dark blue of the Terry shirt is very serious but the jazzy pattern provides a bit of personality to lighten the mood in all those long meetings.

Terry Navy - £80.00

For American Independence Day...

Donald really needs to do something to win his haters over, so we recommend he opts for a patriotic red shirt to show his dedication to his nation.

Coltran Burgundy - £75.00

For Parties...

Donald should wear the Mcgee paisley print shirt to release his inner groove. Being president of America he will be required to attend many functions and this shirt will allow Donald to show his flamboyant and fun side...if he has one. 

Mcgee White - £80.00

For Holidays...

Donald should really have fun with his wardrobe as he won't have much time for fun at work with all that responsibility. The blossoming floral Clive shirt will allow Donald to let his hair down and have fun before returning to the most important office in the country.

Clive Blue - £85.00


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