Habits of a Millionaire

The million dollar question – how do the rich stay rich? We’ve all read those articles: investments, taxes, stocks and bonds… It all sounds pretty straight forward, doesn’t it? No, we don’t think so either. That’s why we’re going straight to the source. Who knows how to stay rich better than a millionaire?


I’m guessing most millionaires have different habits than the average person. They may invest in a property rather than the latest phone or laptop, (each to their own). That’s why we’ve narrowed down the top 6 achievable habits of a millionaire. Judge for yourself…



If you’re reading this thinking - “Well I wake up at 7am every day.” According to Richard Branson and Tim Cook, you should wake up no later than 5am. Driven people tend to wake up earlier. So while you may get to work at 9am and think that’s fine, realistically you’re not fully alert and doing business until 11am. Don’t deny it.



We all have a dream, don’t we? Well that’s true even for millionaires. One of the secrets to long-tern success is that millionaires adjust their goals to stay motivated. Having more than one to aim towards means you’re constantly seeing results. Setting goals helps to maintain a strong work ethic.



Never think you’re finished learning. Longtime millionaires continue learning and adapting throughout their career. It’s not enough to master your trade – follow industry leaders and keep up to date on relevant news. Continuously search for resources that can expand your knowledge and keep you inspired.



I know what you’re thinking – how do the rich stay rich if they’re constantly taking time off? Well picture this: if you could take one week off every month, don’t you think you would be more productive in the three weeks prior? It’s all about having the motivation to continue working and returning to work with a fresh outlook. Millionaires realise the value in stepping away from the computer/work site on a regular basis.



Sustained success relies on personal relationships. You should benefit in some way from everyone you meet whether it’s through business, knowledge or advice. Who knew socializing could make you a millionaire? Well, kind of.



Show of hands – who thought all millionaires were ruthless? Well apparently that’s not true (for some at least). Most longtime millionaires are committed to doing good and giving back – it keeps them inspired in a sustainable, long-term way.


What’s your thoughts on how the rich stay rich? Let us know below!

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