How To Choose Your New Fragrance

No one likes a man that smells bad…it’s really off putting. Hopefully you don’t have this problem, but there's no harm in wearing a little scent anyway. When choosing a new fragrance you want something that leaves a lasting impression and attracts compliments, but how do you find it?

Why should men wear a fragrance?


Besides the obvious of…to smell nice… using a fragrance is great when you're meeting new people as it can help leave a lasting impression, and an emotional connection with that person. If you think back to what maybe your Dad, Grandad, Mum or Ex-Girlfriend wore, then that smell is something you will never forget.


1. Decide on the purpose of the fragrance?


What type of fragrance are you looking for? One for every day and night? Maybe a special occasion or a winter or summer fragrance? There are a variety of fragrances for different occasions, so you need to be clear on your purpose.


2. Do your research


Would you buy a suit without trying it on? Probably not. So don’t neglect the process of trying different fragrances before you buy one. Read blogs or ask your friends about fragrances to get an idea of what you are after. Once you know, go into a store and see how it smells, or order a selection of tester bottles. Wear the test samples and see how long the smell lasts and what kind of compliments you receive.


There is nothing wrong with ordering a fragrance online but make sure you test it first!


3. Don’t follow the herd


Don’t follow the herd and wear Ralph Lauren just because everyone else is. The big fragrance brands are more expensive but they don't necessarily smell better or make you more important then anyone else.


Instead, wear a fragrance you really like and that really suits you. You can often pick these up at independent stores or craft markets. You'll often receive more compliments for fragrances people have never heard of, as they'll see you as unique, and a trendsetter.

4. Choose the fragrance yourself


Do you have endless bottles of aftershave and cologne in your wardrobe that you don't wear? It's probably because they were gifts and weren’t chosen by you. Either buy them yourself or drop the name of the scent you like into conversation - then you know you'll get the one you love.


5. Once you have bought the fragrance


Don’t over do it - this is the worst mistake you can make. It looks like you're trying too hard and there's nothing worse than overpowering scents. People should see you before they smell you! You want to create a subtle statement through the fragrance that you wear.

Do you have a favourite fragrance? Let us know in the comment box below!

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