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How to Deal with a Receding Hairline

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It happens to most men at some point in their life. You notice that the little clump of hair clogging up the drain in the shower is getting bigger and bigger. Reality begins to set in. You are starting to go bald. By the age of 35, about two-thirds of men will experience noticeable hair loss. And by age 65, 85% of men are significantly thinning. And frankly, we take it seriously. Somehow, we feel less attractive, less confident and less hairy in the places we want to be....

Just because you are losing your hair don't panic too much, just think of it as an opportunity to freshen up your image. Studies show that most men only change their hairstyle three times during their lifetime. Jude Law is the patron saint of the receding hairline having continuously maintained a hip hairstyle as his hairline successively recedes.

For most men the reason we lose hair is simply a matter of genetics. Unfortunately if you have any bald eagles in your family tree, odds are your hairline is heading north as well.

Beyond genetics, DHT is the most common culprit of hair loss. DHT is a by-product of testosterone and too much it of assaults the dermal papillae that regulates how much of this nasty stuff gets into the hair shaft and shuts down the follicle. You may be a man’s man and chances are you’re going to wind up bald. Diet and stress also play a major role in how much hair stays on your head. If your diet is lacking sufficient Omega-3 Fatty Acids, is Anemic or is Vitamin B deficient this can lead to hair loss.

Managing your stress level will do a lot more that simply keep hair on your head. It’s so easy for us to forget and not pay attention to our stress levels, so keeping stress levels under control will play a huge part in keeping those strands of hair on your head. Shampoo with an exfoliating scalp treatment and use better hair products that won’t coat your scalp and clog up your pores will also do wonders for you.

Looking for ways to cover up your receding hairline, try a few of the following;

Use a scalp stimulating treatment and volumizing shampoo
Consider using hair fibers, these won’t make a werewolf out of a bald man but they will blend naturally with hair concealing the scalp and thereby masking a receding hairline and thinning hair.
Wearable hair is the new term for toupees and they have really come a long way. Using latex foundations these hair pieces are virtually indistinguishable from human hair. They are also expensive costing several hundred dollars to replace at each haircut.
Lastly hair transplants continue to be a viable option for receding hairlines and thinning hair. Also expensive, hair transplantation technology has come a long way. They now use micro follicular units comprising up to three hairs at a time to create a full natural hairline.

We believe that the best thing to do is simply to embrace a receding hairline as part of the aging process. Resorting to snake oils and ripping up your scalp like a sod farmer on crack is expensive and in the end futile. If you don’t make a big deal out of how much hair is on your head no one else will either.

Now that you’ve decided to make the most of what you’ve got, here are some general rules:

First, keep it shorter. The more your hair recedes and thins, the shorter you’ll want to go.
Never do a comb-over. We don’t care how much money Donald Trump has, he looks ridiculous.

Never grow a ponytail and look like your hair just slid back on your head
And please, never ever sport a nasty accentuated widows peak like Steven Seagal.




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