How To Pack Shirts So That They Don't Crease

If you're lucky enough to be jetting off to some exotic locations this summer, this post will be very useful! For the rest of us this will just be helpful in general. Once you have finished ironing all of your shirts beautifully, you are then faced with the dilemma of having to pack the shirts in your suitcase for them to just become creased again. No matter how neatly you try and fold them, you still end up with your shirt looking like it never saw an iron in the first place. If you head to YouTube, you will see many tutorials on the perfect way to fold a shirt but to save time we have found this one to be the best…

Basically, a shirt should be folded into thirds lengthwise, and then into thirds again in the opposite direction, so that it becomes a rectangle. First of all, button up the freshly pressed shirt and place it on its front on a table, smooth it down and fold sleeves in across the back, doubling back on themselves. Smooth down and then fold each side lengthways in towards the middle, in line with the placket and buttons Then fold the shirt in thirds from the bottom and smooth out to create a nice neat, flat rectangle. Finally place the shirt in a cellophane bag as this will drastically reduce the amount of creases whilst travelling.


Try not over pack suitcase which will result in more creasing. When you arrive at your destination, make sure you put your shirt on a hanger immediately. A good trick to reduce wrinkles is to steam your shirt in the bathroom whilst you take a hot shower. Otherwise a quick 30-second once-over with an iron would be much more effective.

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