How To Take Better Travel Photos

Are you tired of coming back from a city break and having blurry or disappointing photos that just don’t do your trip justice? We have some top tips on how to take the best photos possible so that you can amaze your friends and family when telling your travel stories.

 1. Anticipate

This is all about people watching. Sometimes you won’t get the shot you want but when you wait in anticipation of people arranging themselves in a pleasing position you might just capture the moment you were hoping for, and it may look better than you imagined it would.

 2. Shoot almost directly into the sun

Usually you wouldn’t consider shooting directly into the sun, but if it's just off center then it can provide nice backlighting and be very flattering to the subject.

 3. Wake up early

Early in the morning you are able to capture pictures with a very different character. The shadows are long and the streets are empty, allowing you to watch the city waking up.

 4. Look for small details

As well as shooting your friends and family don’t forget to capture the smaller things. These details can make great photos that tell you a lot about the city and it’s culture.

 5. Shoot familiar landmarks from unusual viewpoints

The light and people around them may be different, but iconic buildings have been shot millions of times from the same angle. Think of something different; perhaps in a reflection or a glimpse in a wider shot.

 6. Expect the unexpected

Keep your camera on you at all times and make sure you're ready to shoot immediately; it will save you aggravation when you're fumbling around trying to find your camera before you miss that perfect moment.

 7. Learn to look

Photography is all about looking; you need to take the camera away from your eye and experience the city for yourself rather than just live through the lens. When looking you are bound to notice more things to photograph.

 8. The magic hour

Whatever the weather there is a short window every day when the fading daylight will balance with artificial lights of the city. To avoid blurring you will need to steady your camera. Experiment with manual controls for dramatic lighting effects.

Article credit: Esquire 

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