How To Wear a Paisley Shirt

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Paisley is an iconic print originating form the 70's. Made fashionable by the likes of music legends Mick Jagger and David Bowie, it remains popular today

Whether you're a gentleman that likes to experiment with bold prints or prefers the more subtle details, we have the guide to finding your perfect paisley shirt right here. 


Be Bold

Feeling confident? If you fancy an exotic look, a bold coloured paisley shirt is the perfect way to get yourself noticed. Whether it's a family gathering, work party or a stylish evening meal; a paisley shirt can work for all occasions. To wear a rich paisley print it's best to work around it with monochromatic style. Simple outerwear such as a crisp dark blazer will accent the print nicely.

Webbie (Navy) - £80


A More Subtle approach

Perhaps you feel like a more subtle approach to the paisley print. A light coloured shirt with a light paisley print will add detail to your look if you aren’t one for making a statement. A subtle pattern can be worn formally with a pair of tailored dark trousers or casually with a pair of straight leg jeans.

Coltran (Sky) - £75.00


Style with a Statement Accessory

If you're going to wear paisley you might as well go all out and style it with a statement accessory to add detail. A soft wool scarf will break up the print and add a stylish edge. If you're feeling extra confident you could even style you shirt with a cravat to add that luxury feel to your outfit.

Max Fine Wool Twill Scarf - £55.00


How to Match with the Correct Blazer

Finding the right blazer to go with a paisley shirt can be difficult. We recommend the bolder the print, the darker the blazer so that it complements the pattern. If the paisley is light coloured or subtle then a bold blazer can work well, perhaps a royal blue or a checked blazer to contrast the detail in the shirt.


Jonas Blazer (Navy) - £75.00 £150.00

Coltran (Navy) - £75.00

Right :

Hunt Blazer (Navy) - £75.00 £150.00

Coltran (Sky) - £75.00


Don’t be afraid to show your feminine side

There's nothing wrong with a gentleman adding a little pink into his wardrobe. To pull off a pink paisley shirt with confidence it needs to be styled with classic accessories like a statement watch and a dark tailored suit. To wear casually a pair of black slim fit jeans will add an edge to your look.

Rankin - £75.00


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