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How to wear Bright Colours

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Are you a man who enjoys adding a pop of colour to his outfit? Maybe you like to be bold and wear head to toe colour. Or maybe you couldn’t think of anything worse then adding yellow to your outfit? Well don’t worry, we are here to give you the perfect guide for however much colour you want to add to your outfit to make sure the look is pulled off correctly and you don’t end up looking like you're in fancy dress…


Wear one bold item at a time


This is important. If you are going to wear a bright shirt then definitely don’t clash with a bright suit or bright trousers. You want to let one piece of clothing do the talking. You also want to stand out for the right reasons - looking good, not laughable.

Colour Wheel


The colour wheel is your cheat sheet to find out what colour goes with what:

Associated colours are directly adjacent to each other. They let you create a monochrome ensemble, for example, dark blue suit, light blue or pale purple shirt.

Complementary colours are opposite one another on the colour wheel. These colours create a bright, noticeable contrast that is pleasing to the eye Complementary colours are generally for people looking to appear bold and outgoing.

Triad colours are three colours equidistant from one another on the colour wheel. This gives a balanced appearance with less contrast than a complementary arrangement. Men with lower-contrast complexions who still want an outfit in multiple colours should consider triads. Just be careful to not get carried away with too many colours.


Dull it down with a neutral suit


If you are planning to wear a particularly bold shirt then always wear it with a dull toned suit to balance out the colours. Good colour suits are beige, pale blue or light grey.

Use it to accessorise

If you don’t fancy wearing bold coloured clothes then it is much easier to brighten up your look with accessories. These could include socks, tie, pocket square, belt etc.

Complement your skin tone

Certain colours suit certain skin tones, meaning something that looks good on someone else might not look as good as you. Generally speaking the darker your skin tone, the brighter the colour of the shirt can be. If you have a very pale skin tone then stick to bright blues or purples and avoid yellows and oranges.

If you are feeling brave enough to wear bold colours then share your images with us via our Facebook or tag us in Instagram. We love to see how you wear J.L.Berlue!


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