How to Wear the Same Blazer Everyday and Still Look Stylish! July 07 2016, 0 Comments

Now we know what you are thinking: "Is it really possible to wear the same blazer to work everyday and still look stylish?". Well the answer is yes! But it's essential to add the extra touches that really set the look apart.

If you are lucky enough to work in an industry where the dress code is fairly flexible, you can take great pleasure in styling yourself everyday. But there are those that work in industries that require more stringent dress codes and smarter attire is required. Fear not! We have compiled a style list to set your outfit alight whilst wearing the same blazer every day.

Yes it is possible, by following these simple rules:

1) Change up your shirt.

Now we don’t mean simply wearing a white shirt and putting a fresh new one each day. We mean mix it up, try various fabrics and colours or even try different styles. Changing the shirt can really set off an outfit and give you a fresh new look. Check out the Field Blue Shirt which can really make a statement. 

2) Add a pocket square

Adding a different pocket square each day can be a great way of adding a different dimension to the blazer and your look. Try different styles of pocket squares with vibrant colours and patterns. Make sure the pocket square stands out enough without being to overbearing. Matching the pocket square to your shirt's detail can be a real classy touch.


3) Change your pants

If you're wearing a dark navy blazer, you may be able to get away with a pair of smarter suit pants which are the same colour, or perhaps a pair of jeans for a more casual loo. If you are really looking for that smart but sophisticated look, a pair of beige chinos can work wonders. Try a few different looks and depending on how smart or casual you are going for mix it up a little.


4) Add Accessories

We have already talked about adding a pocket square to complete the look, but to really finish off in style, think about a classic and timeless watch. Mixing it up between a leather wrist strap and a silver strapped watch can be a great way of adding that extra dimension to the outfit. Pairing your shoes to your belt also makes a great statement. With a navy blazer try a pair of brown brogues and off set with a matching belt.


5) Add a tie or bow tie.

Add a patterned tie or bow tie to mix the look up. Offsetting a really vibrant or patterned tie against a crisp white shirt and a similar style pocket square can really tailor your look and make the outfit completely unique.

If you're going to style out your favourite blazer try a few different approaches to really mix up that look. Your colleagues will have no idea that you have worn that blazer more than once!

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