Not a fan of football? No worries…

For those of you who don’t consider yourself a Football Fanatic, you’ll be happy to know there is a Sporting world outside of the World Cup. Who knew? There’s no shame in admitting you couldn’t care less about what’s happening in Russia but that doesn’t mean you have to say good bye to every other Sport for an entire month (even if most reporters have)…


So if you’re struggling to get your Sport fix through anything that isn’t football – continue reading. And if you’re reading this wearing your England Shirt… Isn’t there a match you’re missing?



County Championships

Key Dates:

22/06/18 - Surrey v Somerset

25/06/18 - TBC

26/06/18 - TBC

27/06/18 - TBC

One Day International

Key Dates:

24/06/18 - England v Australia


Key Dates:

27/06/18 – England v Australia



PGA Championships

Key Dates: 21/06/18 - 24/06/18

European Championships



Royal Ascot

Key Dates: 19/06/18 - 23/06/18



Formula 1

Key Dates:

22/06/18 - First Practice

22/06/18 - Second Practice

23/06/18 - Final Practice

23/06/18 - Qualifying



World Cup

Key Dates: 24/06/18



Rugby League

Key Dates:

22/06/18 - Castleford Tigers v Wigan Warriors

23/06/18 - England v New Zealand

Rugby Union

Key Dates:

23/06/18 - England v South Africa



Queen’s Club Championships

Key Dates: 18/06/18 - 24/06/18

Wimbledon Qualifying

Key Dates: 25/06/18 - 28/06/18


Key Dates: 02/07/18 - 15/07/18


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