Style Mistakes Men Make Every Summer

It’s never easy to dress for the hot weather, and men often get it terribly wrong. At J.L. Berlue we’ve got your back covered and have compiled a list of the worst fashion mistakes so that you remain looking cool and stylish all summer long.

1) Shorts to Work


In theory, why not? Shorts are practical and keep you cool. In reality your pasty white legs just aren’t ready to be seen yet and those shorts are too casual for work.


2) The crumpled all-linen suit


You think you look like a secret agent but actually you are perfecting the supply teacher look.


3) Tight white jeans


This should only be attempted on Mediterranean islands by people with glowing tans.


4) The tossed sweatshirt


See point three.


5) Three-quarter length trousers


There is a very fine-line between being well-ventilated and trying a bit too hard.


6) Football shirts in the pub


These are just a no.


7) Too short shorts


You need to ask yourself…do you really want to be seen in hot pants?


9) Sports Sunglasses


You know, the kind of glasses with the curved fisheye frames and gold mirror lenses. These make you look like a teenager on a school cricket tour.


10) Vest tops


Leave them to the muscle man lads on their weekend to Magaluf.


11) Facial sunburn


This is just being lazy and doesn’t look good. And women notice these things.


12) Back hair


Women definitely notice these things.


13) The roman centurion sandal


These look great on girls - and that’s why you shouldn’t wear them.


14) Beaded choke chain


It’s time to let that Thailand holiday go.


15) Ordering a jug of Pimm’s


This is in the pub garden during the first warm weekend of the year. At least let summer get info full swing...

What you should wear for Summer....

Jefford - White £60.00

Dickens - White £55.00

Hyatt - Navy £60.00


Depends on what you mean by centurion sandals, though.

Antonymous July 04, 2017

Now, socks with shorts are already harder to pull off, with sandals it’s nigh impossible and even possible, they are worn with shorts typically for being easier to wear without socks, although one should take the right model, I’d say the classic leather sandals, some with the inter toe “thong”, but that shouldn’t mean flip flops, although I find them unconfortable. And the foot should be taken very well care of, when sockless in general, but of course more with sandals :).
Plus you can take your leg in consideration, in general, the thicker the ankle the bulkier they can/should be without looking like it, the thinner the ankle the thinner they should be and equally bulky sandals would look very bad and stumpy/disproportioned as if one had big feet.
“13) The roman centurion sandal
These look great on girls. And that’s why you shouldn’t wear them. " If you mean gladiator, I think they, with the right outfit might look great on many guys too, especially with an “edgy rock” outfit in its summer version, lol. I agree they might be avoided for stumpier legs, but with a lower top strap they might work without being shortening and keep the style _.

Hair back: I tend to agree, it depends if it’s slicked back, that might work with blended cropped sides hair and less with overall long hair ad sides. Straight back tends to look bad with pronounced temple recession and/or thinning, and good with no or phisiological moderate recession, in such case, if hair is still thick it can be taken advantage of with a multidirectional party which adds volumes and covers a bit, followed by the center sections going straight back, as long as you avoid the combover effect.
With very deep recession combined with thinning, close to my case, I’d agree it’s better buzzed – blended or shaved.

Antonymous July 01, 2017

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