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The 5 Key Habits of Stylish Men

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Are you trying to dress smarter? Need a helping hand? When you make a conscious decision to improve your image you will quickly realise that there’s more to it than just picking out an outfit every morning. We’ve come up with five key principles that will genuinely help you become more stylish.

Here are the five key habits of every stylish man:

1 | They invest in key pieces

Trends are all well and good – some of them are even worth paying attention to - but on the whole it’s far more sensible to invest in key items that transcend seasonal fashions. A solid pair of slim indigo jeans, a beautifully cut white Oxford shirt and a well tailored navy blazer will always look the business, so spend more of your cash on these items.

Damon blazer

2 | They understand the importance of “A good fit”

No matter how much you spend or how beautiful the fabric is, if your clothes fit badly, they will look terrible. Your jacket should be nipped in at the waist, your trousers gently tapered to the hem and your collar a finger’s width from the nape of your neck. Always study sizing guides when buying online, even if you think you know your size. Click here for our full sizing guide.

3 | They ‘Outfit’

It might sound like extra hassle, but preparing your outfit the night before prevents headaches and fraught decisions the next morning. A little planning guarantees that your get-up looks considered, rather than thrown together. Our head designer genuinely does this everyday and you guessed it – she looks top every day. Outfitting is also imperative when packing – not least to save you space in your suitcase!

4 | They know that subtle details trump flamboyant affectations

You’ve heard it a million times, but less is (nearly always) more. For the stylish man, the fewer fabrics and patterns competing for attention, the better. If you opt for the Gerrit shirt, wear it with a smart pair of dark jeans and brogues to keep the look simple yet elegant.

Gerrit long sleeved shirt

5 | They get their hair cut every six weeks

Even if it’s only for a day or two, that fluffy-around-the-edges look negates all the good hair days you’ve had beforehand, and quickly become unstylable. Find a barber you trust and block book appointments well in advance. The shorter your hair, the more often in needs cutting, but every six weeks or so is a good rule of thumb.

If you have any fashion advice that you think we have missed please let us know below!



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