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The Best Scents For Summer

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Just as certain clothes can be too heavy in the summer heat, so can fragrances. A typical English summer tends to be very muggy which makes scents smell stronger. Why not try these top fragrances to draw people in rather then losing your friends and alienating people for the next few months….


For The Office


No matter how hot it is, many of us still have to wear suits throughout the summer. However the right scent can help you feel, and smell, clean no matter what the workday throws at you.


Tom ford’s Neroil Portofino – a blend of neroil, orange, lemon and bergamot, inspired by the Italian Riviera – is just the job. This fragrance combines citrus notes with the greenness of lavender and warmth of amber for a pleasing scent that sits lightly on the skin.

For The Evening


The cooler night air is the perfect partner for headier scents such as oriental florals and leather-based fragrances. If it’s your taste, you can get away with a deeper, darker and smokier at this time of day. This lasts longer then citrus scents too.


A little of Sisley’s Soir d’Orient on your pulse points guarantees a seductive effect on a summer night. Opening with floral notes of bergamot Turkish rose and Iranian Galbanum, this rich mellifluous scent gently reveals a spicy base of patchouli, sandalwood and saffron.

For The Escapist


Certain scents can have transportive powers that instantly make you feel like you are somewhere else. Fragrances with notes of plants grown in hot and tropical climates are instantly connective of summer.


Laboratory perfumes No. 002 Gorse, an irrepressibly summery mix of citrus, coconut and cardamom, is your olfactory ticket to exotic destinations. Although blended to evoke the gorse-lined driveways of Provence, this sweet scent can take you on a whistle-stop tour of more tropical climes too. This is handy if you’re running low on annual leave.

For Refreshment


Tea-based fragrances can be a great fit for summer. Tea is natural and balancing and conjures up the refreshment you might get from a cup of the drink itself.


Intrigued? Tap this tonic’s restorative properties with Le Labo’s Thé Noir 29. This is a paraben-free perfume oil featuring fig, cedarwood, vetiver and, of course the revitalising black tea.

For Your Holiday


If you’re holidaying abroad then this is a great time to try pushing the boundaries with your scent. You’ll be in a place where you’re not entirely familiar with the smells in the air, so try getting out of your comfort zone with something like a fougère, with lavender, maybe herbs and a woody base such as cedarwood or sandalwood.


This leathery fougère, from Paris nose Mr. Francis Kurdjian, is the perfect travel companion. Remember, less is always more so make sure to use no more then a couple of sprays.

Thanks to this guide you will be receiving complements all summer.


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