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With the Royal Wedding taking place this weekend, there’s no better time to talk Stag Parties. Whether you’re the Groom, the Best Man or you’re just tagging along for a good time (let’s be honest, that’s most of us)… We can all agree planning a Stag Do is the single most important thing a man can plan in his life. Second to getting married, of course.


We’re not just talking about your typical Stag Party where everyone gets drunk and someone ends up with a tattoo. No, there’s much more to consider – like, what unique (and memorable) activity can you organise that the whole group will enjoy? Note: It’s not a bar crawl. We’ve done the hard work and rounded up the best Stag Locations throughout Europe. Time to kick off the planning…



Activity: Drive a Tank

Perfect for the action-movie obsessed Groom. Drive over cars and through water, fulfilling all your G.I. Joe dreams. You even get free food.




Activity: Cave Tours

We’re all aware of Budapest’s hot springs (which is reason enough to take a trip there), but what many don’t know is that under these springs lies a huge system of limestone caves. Take an intense three hour tour in the country’s most challenging collection of caves. Probably not a good idea if the Groom gets claustrophobic.




Activity: Shark Fishing

You can go deep sea fishing off the coast of Lisbon - like regular fishing, but slightly more exotic. This activity is appropriate for beginners and you can easily create a competition out if it. We’ll catch the dinner, you pay for the drinks.




Activity: Rugby

Always dreamed of being a pro rugby player? Now’s your chance. Spend two hours being professionally trained, watch a match and finish the day off by meeting the team. Who said Stag Do’s in England were boring?




Activity: Foot Golf

I’m sure the Costa Del Sol was on everyone’s list but Foot Golf? Not so much. Simply put: Foot Golf is like regular golf but without the clubs. And using footballs, of course. So in hind sight, it’s nothing like regular golf.




Activity: Fire an AK-47

If you feel like taking a trip to Russia then you can’t pass up the chance to fire an AK-47. Not your typical shooting range.




Activity: Become a Gladiator

If you’re going to dress up, you might as well do it right. A toga doesn’t make you a gladiator but this certainly will. Fight to the death! Or until your session ends. Certainly an activity you won’t forget.




Activity: Beer Spa

Don’t let the word “spa” put you off – this is still perfect for Stag Parties. Salzburg offers the most immersive beer spa in Europe. Although, I doubt there are many to compete with. So while the bride-to-be pampers herself with a classic massage, the groomsmen can soak in a beer bath instead.




Activity: Parascend

Booking a sunny holiday is always a great idea. So great, we tend to forget about booking anything else. Parascending’s an easy activity to organise.


Are you organising a Stag Party? Let us know where you’re off to below.


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