The Do's and Don't's For Wearing Shorts This Summer June 01 2017, 0 Comments

If you were to sit and observe your average high street, beach or café, you will quickly realize that men really do struggle to dress for summer. Especially when it comes to wearing shorts. Summer is the complete opposite of the forgiving winter months, when we can cover up with overcoats, friendly knits and dark monochrome. Summer throws a mean-spirited spotlight on our physical and fashionable inadequacies, but it doesn’t have to be this way!


While we can’t help with pasty white legs, we can tell you how and how not to style your shorts this summer.


Do – Pay attention to the fit

This might sounds obvious but you’d be amazed how many men make the wrong decision when it comes to choosing the right length for their shorts. A general rule of thumb is to never let your shorts fall below you kneecap, while conversely refraining from buying any that finish more than two-or-so inches about the cap. It’s a matter of small degrees making a big difference.


Don’t – Buy cargo

While the slouchy casual look may be back in fashion, this does not apply to cargo shorts. They are very unflattering and sloppy, even though Leonardo Dicaprio may wear them (a lot) it does not mean they are ok. Unless you're eight and need extra pockets for your sweets and toys, avoid this look.


Do – Keep it simple

As well as finding the right fit, make sure you find the right style and colour too.


Simple chino shorts with two pockets are a steady favorite. Shorts are one of those rare items in your wardrobe that you don’t really need to experiment with. When it’s hot you don’t really want to wear trousers so don’t overthink them.


Good colours for shorts are navy, charcoal, black, tan and olive - just make sure you never wear white shorts.


Don’t – Clash our patterns

It is acceptable to wear patterned shorts but make sure it's subtle pattern and be sure to keep your top half as unfussy as possible.


If you want you wear your Hawaiian shirt then a simple navy pair of chino shorts will complement it perfectly.


Do – Pay attention to your socks

Another factor that is easily overlooked. Wear invisible socks that make it look like you aren’t wearing any at all, or a pair that only just show out of the top of your shoes.


Don’t- Overdress them


Just because you're wearing shorts, doesn’t mean you can’t dress smart. But you should understand your limitations and realise that a double-breasted blazer, tie and boat shoes may be a little over the top.

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