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Top Four Undiscovered Winter Sun Destinations

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Planning a winter getaway this year? Avoiding the crowds can be tricky, especially during the school holidays, or perhaps you’re stuck for ideas of new places to go? Maybe you’re just procrastinating because all that research and planning can be a bit of a drag! You may never have considered (or even heard of) these destinations, but they’ve all got something brilliant to offer to get you excited about planning that holiday!


Cape Verde


Cape Verde

The Canaries have always been popular with Brits, but fly a little further south to the Cape Verde islands to avoid the crowds and bask in the tropical but comfortable climate (average winter temperature 24°C). Choose from Santo Antão for stunning scenery and long walks, São Vicente for culture and nightlife or Boa Vista for sublime beaches.



Essaouira, Morocco

You’ve probably done Marrakesh, but for a laid back and less touristy Moroccan experience, try Essaouira. Direct flights from the UK only launched two years ago, so the British crowds haven’t quite got there yet, but the historic sea port is a magnet for kite surfers due to its exceptionally strong winds. You probably won’t be relaxing on the beach here, but you can browse the numerous boutiques and art galleries to your heart’s content. Finish the day with a glass or two of the award winning local wine.


muscat oman


Muscat, Oman

If Dubai feels a bit too flashy, neighbouring Oman is the perfect destination on the Arabian Peninsula. With stunning architecture, a world acclaimed opera house and a wide selection of luxury hotels, Muscat makes for a very chic holiday destination. For a holiday of two halves, head West of the city into Rub’ Al Khali, the world’s largest uninterrupted desert, or South West to Nizwa to access the countries best hiking trails. When you’ve had your fill of adventure, head to back to Muscat to relax on one of the many beautiful beaches.





If you don’t mind flying long haul, the Southern African country of Mozambique could be perfect for you. Not yet a popular tourist destination you’ll nevertheless find stunning beaches, coral reefs, fantastic architecture in the capital Maputo and safari tours in several national parks. Food, accommodation and transport are all cheap but you need to be on top of your cash – you can’t change the local currency (Meticals) in the UK. Find a good travel credit card to withdraw cash abroad for free – then make sure you spend it all before leaving!


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