Trends for Spring 2017...

As we're entering spring, we've rounded up the high fashion trends so you can ensure that your wardrobe is looking on point for the coming months. We have eliminated the craziness of high fashion accessories and haircuts to give you the core trends that will make any gent look dapper.


 1. Structured Squares

Yes squares may seem a little strange but trust us on this one. Think Prince of Wales checks to windowpanes, they were all over the shows. They can be as bold or as subtle as you like but if subtle is your thing then our Dickens shirt will do the trick. The subtle rectangular shapes add a little detail to make you the most stylish guy in the office.

Polo Shirt - Dickens £55.00

2. Pink Passion  

A true man is able to pull off pink with confidence so we're sure you'll have no trouble adding a little blush to your wardrobe. Our Jefford short sleeved shirt is from the new spring summer range and it's an in the middle red-pink colour, so not full on fuchsia, but pink just enough to be on trend.

Shirt - Jefford £60.00

3. Royal Purple

It's a bold colour to pull off, but purple will definitely be a big hit this season. Perhaps this was influenced by the Queen’s birthday or the sudden death of Prince, but either way it's definitely a significant colour right now. Our Belst shirt is one of the brighter pieces in our collection, but style with other dark colours and you will be on to a winner with this one.

Shirt - Belst £80.00


4. 70’s Revival 

Looking at street style trends, the 70’s revival is big right now. Think paisley patterns, which J.L.Berlue has been plugging for years. This season we've tried something new with the Mains dark floral polo shirt that has a distinctly 70’s flavour. Wear with dark jeans and maybe a suede jacket for the full 70’s look.

Shirt - Mains £60.00

5. Powder Blue

For a fail safe choice you'll never go wrong with, powder blue is a classic for any gent. For a new spring take on this trend, our Hepburn shirt is intricately patterned to add personality to your style. If you're feeling bold then burgundy has been a key colour to wear with powder blue, but if that isn’t for you then navy trousers or blazer will look great as well.

Shirt - Hepburn £75.00

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