Wedding Season is Upon Us…

It’s Wedding Season (so I’m told) and if your mantelpiece isn’t already flooding with invitations – you’ve made a lucky escape. Don’t get me wrong, one or two Weddings in the Summer is fine, but any more and you begin to notice just how outdated the day can be. Not sure what I mean? Let me explain…



Having a Wedding Cake isn’t the problem, it’s the flavour. Who decided fruit cake should be the ‘traditional’ flavour? Then there’s the idea that you should freeze the top tier for your first baby’s christening. Surely that can’t be appetising. 



This tradition is almost extinct (at least I hope it is) but it was tradition that the Bride & Groom’s send-off took place before the party had ended… or began in some cases. Imagine that. You take a day off work, suit up, travel hours to the venue, 9 o’clock hits and the bride & groom vanish.



This one goes out to anyone planning a Wedding or attending one – did you know how much time goes into creating the invitation? It’s almost like you’re being quizzed: Name three songs you’ll get up and dance to. Chicken, beef, fish, vegetarian, vegan? Are you bringing a date? What do you think of the Bride’s mother?



This one speaks for itself. It seems like as the years go on the evening meal is getting longer and longer. Why should we overcomplicate the food just because it’s a Wedding?


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What Wedding Tradition are you ditching? Let us know below.

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