What Every Man Should Be Drinking This Summer


Summer is the season for drinking: the moment the sun's out all we want is sit in the local beer garden sipping some kind of beverage. Maybe you're wanting to try something new this summer and stray away from the usual Peroni or Pino Grigio. You might not realize it but just like anything else the world of drinks has trends, and we are very much buying into them.


So what can we expect to be drinking this summer? Messrs Barrie Wilson and Fabrice Limon own the drinks consultancy business, Scotch + Limon. According to them, our tastes are increasingly discerning. “People see what they drink as a lifestyle choice” says Mr Wilson. “gone are the days of the Sex and The City cocktail – people like far more robust drinks now. We want our drinks to taste better then they look, so no more cocktails served out of a welly boot”.




Following the gin boom over the past few years. Scotch + Limon see the former grandmother’s favorite taking the limelight this summer. “Bartenders love playing around with it, and whether it’s used as a matchmaker in cocktails or served straight from the fridge, you can make some really impressive drinks.” People are loving sherry because of the flavour choices, it can taste dry and nutty or sweet and fruity.


Order a single-malt whiskey with manzanilla sherry, which is a little salty, topped up with Fever-Tree tonic. Alternatively a chilled sherry pairs well with nice olives or nuts.



Another trend that is led by integrity is the growth of British vodkas. “There is a new resurgence in vodka and it’s led by how well it’s being made” says Mr Limon. “Rather than how many times it’s been filtered or distilled to produce a flavourless, odourless spirit, now it’s about raw ingredients and these vodkas are unfiltered to keep as much flavour in it as possible. Simple drinks over ice or with soda are also low in sugar, which is the enemy right now. The less sugar you have, the better you’re likely to feel in the morning.


Order a vodka martini, but is has to be served ice-cold or a well-made vodka served over a block of ice, this is a great aperitif.



This year’s most suprising drinks trend is the growth of non-alcoholic drinks, which according to Mr Wilson and Mr Limon is long overdue. “The fastest growing demographic is 18-24 year-olds who aren’t drinking, so this trend really taps into current habits. What’s been available previously has been really bad for you. Mocktails often have no focus and you usually end up with a sugary glass of juice and if you’re not drinking for whatever reason, you feel a bit of an idiot”. Seedlip is a distilled non-alcoholic spirit which is made in a pot with plenty of botanicals – a category defining pioneer. This is a sophisticated, complex-flavored option for grown-ups and is one of the best new British brands we’ve seen for a long time.


Oder the Seedlip in a martini with olive brine, or a simple serve with tonic.



This is easy to make a requires minimal preparation…


50ml Virtous Vodka Rasberry

Bitter Lemon

Wedge of fresh lemon



Serve in the vodka a high ball over plenty of ice. Top up with bitter lemon and garnish with the lemon wedge



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