What to wear for a Formal Job Interview

Jonas Blazer

First impressions can be extremely important, and never more so than at a job interview. If you’re not used to dressing formally you probably dread it; finding appropriate shoes, co-coordinating accessories and figuring out the tie can all bring on the sweats but don’t worry, we’re here to help.

We’re going to address what to wear for a formal interview. In other words, if it’s more Goldman Sachs than Google, you need tap into the typical attire the company expects and dress in a corporate manner. If you’re going for a more casual interview then check out this article from Bewley and Ritch for some tips.

A Well Fitted Suit

This is the first thing you’ll be judged on and, unless the interview is for a funeral director, it should be navy or grey. You really should designate some time to choosing a suit, and making sure it fits perfectly. You don’t need to invest £1500+ on a bespoke suit, but with an off the peg solution you should consider some minor alterations to make sure it fits snugly. If you’re certain a suit is not expected, a smart pair of chinos and a well fitted blazer like the Jonas or Callum blazer can work perfectly. 

The Shirt

The shirt is base layer of your look; it should complement your suit whilst allowing you to show a little personality, if appropriate. For a highly formal interview stick to something plain and simple like Blijah. If you think you can risk a bit more colour add a subtle patterned shirt like Tobiah. Again, fit is important. Check our sizing chart if you're unsure of your size.

Shoes and Accessories

Attention to detail is desirable to any employer, so put some time into choosing accessories. Don’t go overboard though – cluttered and flashy are not how you want to come across.

The tie is the first thing to consider, and it’s good to avoid anything with a shine to it. Keep things traditional and opt for a width above 7cm, and make sure the knot is in proportion with your collar. 

A pocket square is a nice touch and it should co-ordinate with your tie, without matching it exactly. If you opt for one of our blazers the pocket square is included, so that’s one less thing to think about.

Most important of all are shoes; we really can’t stress enough how much impact they have on your overall appearance. Invest wisely in your shoes: brogues, monks and oxfords are timeless classics that will last you for years. Black shoes are best, and make sure they’re polished!

Final Points

If you’re overdue a haircut, now’s the time to get one. Better still, block book them in advance so you’re never caught out with bad hair. Make sure your socks are matching and you should be ready to impress.

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