What To Wear To Your Work Christmas Party

Want to get yourself noticed at this year’s Christmas party? We have the shirts to make you stand out from the crowd and make sure your work mates know you're the fun one of the office. A patterned shirt is a great way to be a bit different and be the life and soul of the festive period.


The Horton shirt is an acquired taste, but if you're feeling brave then this shirt can do wonderful things when pulled off correctly. We recommend wearing it with a pair of black jeans or trousers to tone down the bright colours. A dark navy blazer will also compliment the print.

Shirt - Horton £63.75 £85.00


Paisley is a never ending trend and a classic print to wear. See our post on ‘How To Wear A Paisley Shirt’ for everything your need to know about this timeless shirt. The print of the Mcgee shirt is bold but can be toned down with a navy blazer and dark trousers.  

Shirt - McGee £60.00 £80.00


The Guest shirt will ensure you're the best-dressed guest at the party. It’s a slightly tamer shirt with a subtle polka dot pattern; wear it with tailored trousers and a black blazer. Stear clear of navy blazers and trousers which will clash.

Shirt - Guest £56.25 £75.00


If you like prints on the floral/Alfie Moon side then the Gibson shirt is perfect. Great with a navy or back blazer and tailored trousers, the red tones will get you into the festive spirit. Not many men are brave enough to pull off a floral shirt but wear it with confidence and you will be the talk of the party.

Shirt - Gibson £56.25 £75.00


The frosty blue Coltran shirt is a great alternative to your usual blue shirt; the paisley detail will jazz up your outfit for a crazy night of partying with your colleagues. This shirt will look great with dark trousers to balance out the light top half, and a pair of brown shoes will finish the outfit nicely.

Shirt - Coltral £75.00

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