Which Country has the Longest Life Expectancy?


A country’s health and well-being can be a good indicator of it’s success, therefore the United States isn’t so hot right now, according to recent study published in The Lancet about life-expectancy around the globe.

Researchers from Imperial College London, the World Health Organisation, Northumbria University and the University of Washington are predicting that in 2030 the country with the highest life expectancy for women will be South Korea. There is a 90% probability that the life expectancy age will be 86.7 years and a 57% probability that it will be higher then 90 years, followed by France, Japan and Spain.

For a male the countries with the highest life expectancy are South Korea, Australia and Switzerland. There is 95% the life expectancy age will be higher then 80 years and a 27% probability that it will exceed 85 years in those countries.

South Korea has come out on top due to factors such as improved childhood and adolescent nutrition, advances in medical technologies and access to healthcare. The Koreans have maintained lower body-mass index and blood pressure than westerns countries and lower smoking in women therefore giving them a high standard of living. 

The study stated that the United States have a life expectancy at birth that is lower then most high-income countries, and is predicted to fall further behind. The maternal morality, homicide rate and body-mass index in the United States is higher then any other high-income country.

The United States is the only member of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development that does not have universal heath coverage, and has the largest share of unmet health-care needs due to financial costs. They also note that the country’s anticipated standing in the future stems from high and inequitable morality from chronic diseases and violence, and insufficient and inequitable health care.

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